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  1. My favorite restaurant in that area is actually next door in the city of La Verne. Cafe Allegro for good Italian in a nice setting near the University of La Verne.

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      Juanita's, a taco "shack" (though rated A)on Indian Hill Blvd. just south of the 10 freeway, has the best shredded beef tacos and bean and cheese burritos and HOT SAUCE todo el mundo. I went to school in Claremont, 20 + years ago, and anytime I'm near there (like last Saturday!) I will drive way out of my way to go to Juanita's -- it's a local legend. Juanita's Two on Fourth St. just south of the 10 in Ontario, is even better, and it has a drive thru. Yummmmm.

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        Is Juanita's a place where you'd go for a business lunch?

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          Absolutely not. You order outdoors at the counter and then either sit outside and eat or, take it away.

    2. Darvish Restaurant
      946 W. Foothill Bl.
      (909) 447 4556
      All the pollo dishes are very good; hard to imagine decent Perian cuisine out in Claremont.

      Tutti Mangia
      102 Harvard Ave.
      (909) 625 4669
      Jerk Chicken and the crawfish crepes are surprisingly good.

      1. Walter's, on the main street parallel to the campuses, has an eclectic menu and even includes Afghani specialties the owners have contributed. Everyone in your group will find something to please him or her.

        1. I like The Press on Harvard in downtown (just a few short blocks south of Walter's, which is also very good.)

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            Second the Press - have only been for dinner, but they are consistently good.

          2. My son (who goes to Claremont) and I have compulsively visited every restaurant in the Village (excluding some that are not open for lunch, like Viva Madrid)in the past two years. We have concluded that Harvard Square (Bonita and Harvard) has the best combination of food, price, and service. Nothing wrong with The Press and Walter's but this would be our first choice. Walter's seems to be the most popular place in the Village.
            Yanni's on Yale has food that is perhaps more unique than Walter's - handmade old school Greek.
            Taco Nazo out on Foothill has been surprisingly good at times and is a good choice if you are in a big hurry.

            1. My daughter attends Pomona College in Claremont so we are out there fairly regularly. My two favorites in the village are Tutte Mangia for dinner and Harvard Square for lunch or brunch. My daughter is partial to the small bakery/sandwich place in the village but they have been closed many times we have been visiting (she says they close when they run out of food and it is a small place). We've eaten at Walter's a couple of times and also at the other Italian place (?Alesso's). While sitting outside at Walter's is enjoyable and the service is good, the food seems just okay to me, although some people really seem to like it. Tutte Mangia in my opinion is the better of the 2 Italian restaurants. For a quick lunch there are an informal middle eastern place (starts with an S) that's pretty tasty and very inexpensive and therefore seems very popular with students, and a ho-hum small Indian mostly take-out type of place. Great home made ice cream in the the village, too.

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                Jeremy Hunter

                A couple more to add to the list--

                On Garey, west of C-mont, south of Foothill, in a dodgy looking strip mall on the west side of the street is Aladdin Jr. This is FABULOUS middle eastern food, with an amazing buffet lunch. The staff is sweet and courteous. Perhaps the best middle eastern food I've had in a long time.

                China Star on Foothill is a credible "white folks" Chinese restaurant with generous portions both a lunch and dinner. The staff is also quite sweet. Their 1-page "special menu" has more authentic dishes.

                South of the 10 on Indian Hill is the far eastern outpost of Sanamluang Cafe (in the corner of an L-shaped strip mall on the east side of the street 3-4 blocks below the highway), perhaps the best Thai in the area- Order off-menu and enjoy the duck curry.

                For comfort food extraordinaire, Home Kitchen on Foothill is fabulous. Prices designed for the fixed-income set, the hearty dishes are great for the genre. I love Thursday's Salisbury Steak and Sunday's Stuffed Cabbage (both with REAL mashed potatoes, vegetable, soup, and even dessert for less than $6!)

                1. It's official. Juanitas on Indian Hill is no longer good. I have been going there 3 or 4 times a year since I graduated from Scripps in 1985. I always bought a pint of hot sauce because it was an obsession and those little teaspoon containers just wouldn't do. This celebrated sauce is now just a red liquid with a hint of heat. I am not even sure if they still put peas in their rice.

                  Maybe it was a bad day for them (or me?). I'll give them another chance in a few months, but I did hear that they were bought by someone.

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                    Say it isn't so! Juanita's is actually the very 1st Mexican food this CT boy ever had some 28 years ago. I've been back occasionally since moving from the area but, I usually frequent Los Jarritos II when I'm in the area and want Mexican.