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Oct 22, 2009 03:58 PM

Breakfast / take-out for train ride?

I will be taking the 9:30am train out of Montreal to New York on Monday and was wondering if anyone could recommend someplace where I could grab some good take-out food for the train? And/or any good places for a quick breakfast? I'll be staying at the Marriott Residence Inn on Peel (which looks to be walking distance from the train station?), arriving in Montreal on Sunday morning. Thanks for your help!

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  1. There's a food court in the train station, on the north side of the hall and continuing along the underground passage to the Queen Elisabeth Hotel and Place Ville-Marie. The best bet for take-away breakfast and lunch stuff is the Première Moisson bakery outlet, toward the QE. Lots of pastries, breads, sandwiches, salads, desserts, etc., all of a fairly high quality.

    Also, if you walk down Peel on your way to the station, you'll pass an Au Pain Doré outlet on the east (left) side of the street, a few doors north of Ste-Catherine Street. Their products are also solid, though the selection will be more limited than at Première Moisson.

    1. well there are a lot of cafes around your area that you could go to, cafe castel on peel and sherbrooke, premiere moisson bakery on sherbrooke and mackay (i think) are the first places that come to mind. for breakfast, if your willing to walk a bit, theres cocktail hawaii on guy. sorry, these are just off the top of my head.

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        All these suggestions are perfect, thanks!

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          I second Cocktail Hawaii if you want a lovely, quick eat-in breakfast before you go. Just to clarify, it's actually on de Maisonneuve just west of Guy - one metro stop or a short walk from Peel. (1645 Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest) I adore their crepes with fresh fruit and achta (a type of thick Middle Eastern cream/cheese, similar to mascarpone.)

          I also second Premiere Moisson in the train station for yummy things to take on the train - I often grab a turkey sandwich on baguette to go.

          Bon voyage!

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            Just so the OP doesn't get confused Cocktail Hawaii has changed its name to Tropical Hawaii.


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              Is Cocktail Hawaii open on Sundays? It sounds delicious! I'll probably just pick up everything from Premiere Moisson on Monday for the trip, but maybe I can drop by Cocktail Hawaii on Sunday.

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                from what i can find online, they are open everyday from 8 am.

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                  > Is Cocktail Hawaii open on Sundays?

                  Yes, definitely!

        2. o, and i thought the train station is at gare centrale at berri uqam? unless i'm wrong. because if it is there, it would be more like a half an hour walk

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            Gare centrale / Central Station is the main CN train station downtown. Located in the block between Place Ville-Marie and Place Bonaventure. Bonaventure is the closest metro station.

            Station centrale d'autobus / Central Bus Station (aka Terminus Voyageur) is located on Berri and de Maisonneuve and connects directly to the Berri-UQAM metro station.

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              ah ok, thanks for clearing that up! sorry if i've confused anyone.

          2. It depends what kind of breakfast you're looking for. If you're into a good old fashioned eggs, bacon, slice or two of fruit and endless coffee in a diner breakfast head to Steerburger on St Catherine street (corner Drummond) and slide into a booth or take a stool at the counter.
            When I lived downtown with my to be wife we would go every weekend and plunk down with the Saturday Gazoo. Very relaxing.
            If it was a hockey weekend you'd even have the fun of seeing sports tourists drinking beer and eating hamburgers and steaks at 10 am.

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                Thanks, my bad. Steerburger seems like a better name though.

            1. The breakfast at Marriot Residence Inn is pretty decent and starts at 7 am if i remember correctly. They usually have eggs and some sort of a meat (bacon, saussages or ham) plus some pastries and yogurt, and the usual cereal suspects. The staff is extreemly helpful. when i was eating there alone with a baby in my arms, they would run over and carry my plate for me and refill my drinks so i didn't have to balance baby and food.

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                when i take the train besides the goodies at premiere moisson i stock up with snacks at little depanneur/grocery mart inside train station near mcdonalds--they have lots of healthy snacks, i usually pickup the wrapped grapes/cheese/crackers, yogurt, fresh fruit but lots of choices.