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Oct 22, 2009 03:37 PM

Europe Restaurant - 3030 Bathurst St just south of Lawrence

Thanks to a previous CH post, my chowpal and I tried this place for the first time yesterday afternoon. Before I get to the food, we were very pleased that they serve all afternoon as we often have to get together mid/late afternoon due to his schedule.

Chowpal started with the daily soup special - "dry pea soup" - good flavour but a bit too much salt for my taste (I had to sample!).

We then had our main courses - plain schnitzel with home fries for me and a nice side salad of marinated cucumber. The serving size was HUGE but the schnitzel was wonderful - not greasy at all and almost "light" tasting. The home fries were unremarkable. I was able to finish the huge portion - I was anticipating a doggy bag but none was needed. Loved the crispness of the breading.

My chowpal had their "house" schnitzel - smothered in onions with cheese (optional) - he had dumplings and the cucumber salad as well. He also raved about his meal and despite the onions and cheese his was also lovely and crisp.

No room for anything else but an adjacent table had some pretty decent looking apple strudel.

We will be back during the winter to try some more hearty hungarian fare. Nothing fancy but very enjoyable.

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  1. I also finally tried this place recently for the first time...and then a second time. It's VERY filling (good value for the money) and tasty fare.

    My second visit was at lunchtime and my friend and I each had soup and then shared a main (the name of which I forget...was sausages with sauted peppers and dumplings) -- it was more than enough to fill us up completely. I note that the soups we had actually seemed to be relatively low in salt, so maybe it was an off day when tochowchick visited. On my first visit, I went with a couple of friends and we shared three dishes -- the cabbage rolls, veal paprikash, and house schnitzel. They were all delish, and I agree that the schnitzel was remarkably un-greasy. I definitely recommend the dumplings as a must-have side dish. My friend had the crepes filled with walnuts and jam for dessert, and they were also excellent (though it's tough to save enough room for dessert.)

    This place is certainly worth a visit.

    1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it. My experience with the goulash soup was that it was a touch undersalted, so hopefully the over salting was just an aberration.

      I loved the schnitzel -- the non-greasiness of it is amazing and the crispiness survived 20 minutes in a take out container.

      I definitely need to get back there soon.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        That's been on our list for awhile....perfect weather for this type of eating too!!

      2. I also went to Europe from the recs on the other thread ( - thanks, TJ!). The schnitzel was very good - very nicely cooked - not greasy, not heavy (had the version that was just egg and flour, don't remember the menu name - not the 'house' version and not the regular with breadcrumbs). The beets were awesome! Will try the goulash soup next time, as I'm always on the lookout for lower salt . This place is now on my "cheap 'n' cheerful" list.

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        1. re: ghoti

          Is it on the east or west side of Bathurst?

          1. re: sherry f

            It's on the west side. Like 30 feet south of Lawrence.

        2. I have only been here to try their crepes and they were amazing! They also had good coffee. I dont' eat meat although I eat fish and I cannot recall if they had much of a fish selection. The restaurant is simple even a little run down but again the crepes were wonderful and the service was friendly. Has anyone gone here for drinks at night? I recently moved to this area and it is as dry as a bone. I may have to hang out at the bowling alley to have a beer. :)

          1. We have been going here for years, after no longer needing to drive all the way downtown to the hungarian house we used to frequent for their large platters.

            Their schnitzle is great, as are their fried livers (ask for them to be a bit less done).

            Very authentic - you quickly understand then when you see that 95% of the patrons are Hungarian.