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Oct 22, 2009 02:18 PM

Leaving Queens!!! What are the must eats before I go?

Hi all,

I'm moving down deep to Brooklyn next month and would probably not have the time to frequent all the great eateries in Queens. So before I move, I really want to try as many 'those not to be missed plates" in Queens as possible.

I'm currently living in Flushing, but have not been to that many restaurants in the area. So far I had dined @ Spicy & Tasty, Corner 28, Red Chopsticks, Nan Xiang soup dumplings, Sentosa Malaysian, Gu Shiang Taiwanese, San Soo Gap San Korean, Imperial Palace, Canton Gourmet. Had take-out from the Xi'an place down in Golden Mall. That's about it.

Haven't really explored places outside of Flushing, only one I can remember was the famous Sripraphai.

So would the chowhound area experts fill me in on what have I missed in Flushing and other parts of Queens that I should definitely get to before I move out of the area? As I only have about 9 days left to get to as many places as possible, places close to the 7 train subway stops will be on top of my list.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Based on my dinner of last night, I would add Southern Spice to the list. See the voluminous thread at:
    SS is on 45th Avenue, a couple of blocks east of Kissena Blvd.

    1. Have you had a torta or cemita ( w/cheese) from the Tia Julia truck yet?

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        Um... no, I actually never heard of it. Ignorant me, where is it though?

        1. re: gac101

          It is a Mexican food cart recently touted in the NYTimes, on the border of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, not exactly Flushing.

      2. Ocean Jewel Seafood Restaurant
        Jade Asian Restaurant
        Both for dim sum!!!

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        1. re: Asumnuthin

          Oh, I think I've been to Ocean Jewel Seafood Restaurant once for a group dinner and Jade Asian Restaurant once for a group dim sum... I forgot about them as both times I went with a large group... I do agree these are excellent cantonese fare.

        2. If you can get to Hillside Ave and Springfield Blvd. (and Braddock Ave.), there's an Italian restaurant called Cara Mia's. I think their meatballs are to die for. Here's a review:

          220-20 Hillside Ave., Queens Village; (718) 740-9118. Note: they're closed on Mondays.

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          1. re: nooyawka

            Oh man, looks good but kinda far. I think I need to take the F then the Q43 there... I'll see if I can squeeze it in. Thanks for the rec.