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Oct 22, 2009 02:16 PM

Has anyone made Ruth Reichl's pumpkin soup, cooked in the pumpkin?

She was on Fresh Air the other day and mentioned this soup. It sounded decadently good.

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  1. I have, although I did it the way she describes in the Comfort me With Apples using cream rather than stock so it was much more like a gratin. It was very good. In Comfort me with Apples, she calls it Swiss Pumpkin:

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      Thanks for that link. I didn't realize there was a difference between cooking pumpkins and those destined to be jack o lanterns. I was on the verge of repurposing a kid's gourd from the front porch.

    2. No but it sounds good. If you make it, do report back.

      1. About a hundred years ago, when I just moved out on my own, my best friend gave me a cookbook. It was one of those extremely eccentric hippie-style cookbooks of the period, full of weird illustrations, photographs of people in strange costumes and fantastic recipes that I'd never heard of in my life. It was called MMMMM - A Feastiary and it was written by Ruth Reichl. It was from that cookbook that I learned how to make pesto (even learned what pesto was because it didn't exist in my 1972 world), how to make dandelion wine (a total unmitigated disaster), learned the red cabbage recipe that I still make every year for Thanksgiving, and yes, learned how to make that pumpkin "soup". How could I resist cooking something in a whole pumpkin? Well, the soup, as she calls it, isn't so much a soup as a pudding (much as mollyomormon describes) but it's very delicious and rich. When my kids were small I used to make it with them, but I haven't made it for years. Might be time for a re-run.

        By the way, I still have the original cookbook which is in absolute tatters and shreds. But a few years ago I was able to find another copy of it from an online used book seller which I keep in my archives. It certainly isn't the best cookbook ever written - not even close - but it definitely taught me how to cook. And for that, much more than for her work at Gourmet, I thank Ruth Reichl.

        1. I've made this Dorie Greenspan recipe, and it was really good. I hollowed out the pumpkin and microwaved it to soften, if I recall correctly, and then filled it and baked it until soft and tender. Very good. It seems inspired by, or related to, Ruth's recipe.

          1. I love the Pumpkin Soup Tureen recipe from Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen. Here's a link to a version in someone's blog (scroll down to Oct 7):


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              I should have said that this is very similar to the Reichl recipe except Katzen calls for low-fat evaporated milk instead of cream,. But it's still plenty rich and delicious. She also calls for some ingredients to bump up the flavors (onion, mustard, horseradish). You could clearly use any herbs you wanted in here as well or instead. I'd describe it more as a savory bread pudding, rather than a soup or gratin. No matter what you call it, it's delicious.