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Oct 22, 2009 02:14 PM

Bazaar or Saam?

I haven't been yet. Should I try the Saam private room or just the main room at The Bazaar?

Were you full after the tasting menu at Saam?

Thank you.

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  1. Been to both and enjoyed the experience at Saam much more. It's a private room within the Bazaar and is a quiet oasis compared to the circus outside (especially on weekends). The thing about Saam though is that it is a set tasting menu - not as much flexibility in terms of menu choices as you have outside. But several of the highlights from the Bazaar menu were on the Saam menu when I went (e.g., the spherified olives) and there are some things on the Saam menu that you can't get at the Bazaar (I think the Dragon's Breath popcorn might be one of them but I can't recall). Really inventive and fun food.

    Saam was about $120/person exclusive of alcohol and it was the perfect amount of food for me (neither uncomfortably full or hungry) - i think there are about 10-12 small courses. Unless are were specific menu items from the Bazaar you absolutely must have, I'd go with Saam. I've also had service issues at the Bazaar (waited over an hour for a table when I had a reservation) for dinner. I've also really enjoyed brunch at the Bazaar - so that's a more low key way to try the food without dealing with the Vegas-y crowd at night.

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      Thank you very much for the response.

      I will see about getting a reservation at Saam.

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        I really enjoyed Saam which is $95/person now, for 20 + small courses but you don't get very full because some are tiny bites. Being in a quiet private room, you get to really enjoy each innovative dish. I like The Bazaar for it's fun atmosphere though. And you can share food at The Bazaar.