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Oct 22, 2009 02:13 PM

cooking classes, the Silo, New Milford?

i just read something in Connecticut Mag about cooking classes at the Silo at the Hunt Hill Farm Trust. never heard of it before, classes look interesting. has anyone gone?

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  1. I actually took several cooking classes at the Silo years ago when I lived in Ct and they were wonderful. Great set up, instructors, etc. Wish I lived closer because I would be taking them there again.

    1. i did a full participation class and loved it. some are full participation, some you just observe. I did a Tuscan cooking class with Daniel ????( last name escapes me). he was wonderful and the food we made was superb.

      1. Back in September, my wife and I attended a demo (not hands-on) by cook book author Pamela Sheldon-Johns. It was good time. Really nice rustic atmosphere with a great kitchen set-up. I would definately recommend it.