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Oct 22, 2009 02:06 PM

Dinner near Omni CNN Center, Atlanta

Staying at the Omni in early December. Will not have a car, but obviously can do public transportation. Need places for dinner....and breakfast. Lunch will be provided by the hotel during my conference. Would love to find some real southern bbq...maybe some brunswick stew. Not looking for seafood as I live in New England and we have some of the best. Steak, pasta are good as well.

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  1. Two good steak places very near your hotel are BLT Steak and Room at Twelve.

    I'll let others argue about "real" southern bbq, but what I do know is that Fox Bros. and Harold's are not that far from your hotel, although you'll need to take a cab.

    A short MARTA ride to midtown and you'll find Ecco, Baraonda, Enoteca Carbonari, Pasta da Pulcinella....for your pasta and other meat selections.

    Java Jive for breakfast (cab ride)

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      Anything a little more budget friendly? I can't spend $45 on steak each night.

      Thanks for the recs so far :)