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Oct 22, 2009 01:20 PM

Any one cooked "Duck in a Can" before?

I'm hoping to attempt Au Pied de Cochon's recipe for "duck in a can" for a dinner party next weekend. It looks fairly straightforward, I'm planning on using mason jars instead of actual cans, but any suggestions from anyone whose either eaten the dish or made it before would be much appreciated! I'm particularly curious about how much of the duck breast actually fits in the can/jar and the process of making enough balsamic demi glace for 6. I had to order a full loaf, a lb, of foie gras so ideas for the leftover would also be welcome.

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  1. There's a series of videos onYouTube of a guy making this dish using canning jars.

    Here's a link to part one:

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      Thanks for the link! Not a lot of detail, but the guy definitely has the right attitude about it. Still curious about the demi glace...

    2. Where can I find this recipe? looks interesting.....

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        Its in Au Pied de Cochon's "album," i.e. cookbook. English version paperback available here: