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Oct 22, 2009 12:35 PM

New Zealand Butter

Can anyone tell me where I can buy New Zealand butter in the Metrowest Boston area? Wellesley and anywhere within a 10 mile radius is OK-- I'm willing to travel! I've been hooked on New Zealand butter ever since I came back from a trip to New Zealand last December-- nothing else tastes like it!!

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  1. 10 miles isn't exactly willing to travel..... "willing to travel" is picking up and driving from Boston to New Haven, CT to get a clam pizza.

    What's unique about it, if you can specify? You can find European-style cultured butter around at stores like Whole Foods... talk to the guys in the cheese area, they might have some higher-end stuff around or be able to get some, if you knew of a brand name.

    Looks like you can buy canned New Zealand butter and Anchor NZ butter online... might be the easiest way to get it, versus driving to every gourmet store in the area.

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      Hmmm, you go from Boston to New Haven for a clam pizza?! Wow, I guess different people go to different lengths to get what they want! :)
      What's unique about New Zealand butter? Most importantly, the taste-- once you've had it, nothing else compares! It's a deep yellow (not food dye!) and tastes like freshly churned butter made from the cream of milk from cows that graze on grass of the most incredible pastures I've ever seen and I've travelled the world.... and it smells like.......... heaven.

      Anyway-- I've tried Whole Foods, they don't have it and buying Anchor brand online is my last resort. Thanks for the heads up.

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        growth hormones rGBH and rBST, which are commonly given to u.s. dairy cows are illegal in nz and the both the beef and dairy animals there are raised naturally on grass. they get grain only if the weather is too inclement for grazing. the products are like apples and oranges.

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          I've never had New Zealand butter but I am a big fan of Kerrygold Irish butter, which is relatively easy to find, even Star/Shaw's carries it. Have you tried that?

      2. I can't make a specific recommendation for Boston, but where I live I often see Anchor butter from New Zealand in ethnic markets, particularly those that cater to people from places like South America and the Pacific Islands.

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            San Francisco Bay Area. I didn't want to rub it in by telling you our local Grocery Outlet stores periodically have Anchor for less than $5/lb.


          Sold by a lot of US outlets for survival food (like MREs) since it has a long shelf life. Not the Golden Fern (now renamed Golden Churn) but it is NZ and butter.

          About $5.50 a 12 oz can plus shipping (which can be hefty charge). Call them for exact shipping fees.