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Oct 22, 2009 12:26 PM

Need Restaurants near Walnut Creek

My daughter recently moved from Boulder to the Walnut Creek area. She has been disappointed with all she's tried so far. Does anyone have suggestions for any type of cusine? All responses would be greatly appreciated. I'm headed out next week! Thanks!!

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  1. This has been addressed from time to time; try the search function. What has she tried that she didn't like? Narrowing it down to a few types of cuisine or $ level would help us help you.

    1. Chopin Cafe for excellent homestyle Polish food.

      Some positive reports recently about Chef Jon Lee's Asian Fusion Cuisine, but I haven't been, so can't confirm.

      Chopin Cafe
      1574 Palos Verdes Mall, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

      Chef Jon Lee
      1250 Newell Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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      1. re: abstractpoet

        I went to Chef Jon Lee. It sucks. The same positive reports are on every food website on the web. Nice people so I'm being kind by not posting a report. However, the next positive report I see here, I'll have plenty of detail.

        For good Asian food go to Lily's in nearby Lafayette.

        Lafayette actually has some good restaurants such as Kopitiam, Pizza Antica, Bo's BBQ, El Jarro (mixed opinions), Chow, Chevalier (Michelan mention, I think),

        Concord has Namaste,

        It would help if you post what restaurants she didn't like.

        1. re: rworange

          Thanks for the update about Chef Jon Lee. I guess that earlier thread got removed as a potential shill? It's no longer there.

          Like I said at the time, the menu looked extremely unappealing to me, but since a couple different people had good things to say, I figured I'd reserve judgment.

          1. re: rworange

            I also went to Chef Jon Lee after seeing the potential shill thread here...first time it was closed despite coming during a peak lunch hour. I gave it another shot at lunch time. Tried their special crunchy sticky chicken, which I actually kind of liked. The sauce was gooey and tangy - but I'd consider the dish as a whole a step above Panda Express. I wasn't expecting much more, so it was in line with what I was looking for. The soup, which the very kind waitress/owner described as freshly made chicken dumpling, was overly salty and pretty disgusting.

            Menu was all over the place, which explains the "confusion" part of their name, I suppose. There's nothing else I would want to try there, so I probably wouldn't go out of my way to come back.

            1. re: alina555

              Yeah, two more five star reviews showed up on Yelp in the last few days. I thought the two star reveiw describing the chiken like TJ's orange chicken was funny ... though probably unkind to TJ. Panda Express is a good analagy. For heaven's sake ... never get the scampi ... seriously.

              You know ... sometimes a new place gets ... enthusiastic. There were a few things I read about the place which are on the Chow restaurant record that interested me. So I figure I'd give them a try. If they are good and interesting, then win-win-win ... I have a good meal ... Chowhounds get clued in on a good new place ... the restaurant gets some business.

              I'm looking around for a good scampi for a friend of my husband who thinks Cheescake Factory has the ultimate version. Let me say right now ... Cheesecake Factory won ... big time.

              Again, I'll hold off on the gory details which I wrote up. But any neon-glowing reports on the dishes I tried and I am more than willing to go into gory detail.

              1. re: rworange

                I have not eaten at Chef Jon Lee, only spoken to him and at the time before the thread was removed on Chow, I commented on the promise of the new restaurant. Since then I, too, have read all the 5-star reviews on Yelp and noticed the similar writing style and content which led me to think that something was amiss. This is highly unfortunate for food bloggers and reviewers. I hope the food websites will be left to reviews by real diners for real opinion and not to overzealous restaurant owners and investors. Thanks, rw, for your update and input.

        2. I had a great lunch last week at a Cuban restaurant called Havana. It's on Bonanza St. in downtown Walnut Creek. Check out the website for the menu. I had a shrimp tamale that had a really nice garlic sauce on it. It was listed as an appetizer or small plate, not a full meal, but it was fine with a shared order of rice and black beans.
          They highlight their mojitos, but there is a full bar and wine.

          1516 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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          1. re: pcdarnell

            they make pitchers of mojitos there which are hard to resist:-)

          2. My friend who grew up in Walnut Creek likes the tapas bar Va De Vi, although concedes that it can be spendy.

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            1. re: vulber

              I'd say that Va Da Vi is probably the best restaurant in Walnut Creek.

            2. Il Fornaio isn't bad.

              Not Great but not bad.

              Lark Creek hits more often than misses.

              Some folks swear they love PF Chang's but it is not my style, so can't really endorse it misself.

              It has been years since I ate at Prima but I remember we enjoyed it. Maybe its still there.

              I typically just go to Pyramid for a Beer and a salad. Tho' it seems the food is better at Berkeley Pyramid.

              MeatBoy says good luck