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Oct 22, 2009 11:57 AM

Small Anniversary Dinner

Hi. I am throwing my parents a small dinner party for their 40th wedding anniversary, and have invited 8 couples, so including myself, my fiance, and my parents, there will be 20 of us. I am looking to have the dinner at a nice but affordable restaurant in Boston. By affordable I guess I mean something that will not cost me any more than $400 or $500 at the most. Is that even possible in Boston? I was hoping for Maggiano's but have a feeling that may be a little over $600. Any suggestions, or am I crazy to think I can do this?!

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  1. I'd say crazy...that would be $20 per person.... At Maggianos you could do family style but add drinks in and it will get costly.

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      Even at your high end you are looking at only $25 per head including tax, tips, drinks. I can't think of any place that would be "nice" where you could do this. Maybe if you are all teetotalers you could squeak by somewhere. Maybe there's some place in Chinatown? Another option to look into is possibly a lunch or brunch somewhere.

    2. I was thinking my Gaslight suggestion was gonna work then remembered it was $600 or so for 8 people. I think you're SOL on this one. If you do it on a weekday, you could get that 3 course deal and a half at Laurel. Masona in West Roxbury has this weekday Tues. early dinner for $12.95.

      BISTRO FARE $12. From 5pm till 6:30pm. Add $4 after 6:30
      Eggplant Romana, Ricotta cheese, spinach, plum tomato ragu
      Linguini with shrimp, Garlic, tomatoes, basil, capers, olives
      Local fish and chips, hand cut fries, Spanish slaw, tomato aioli
      Mussels fradiavolo, spicy red sauce, linguini fini

      SIDES $4.
      Hand cut fries, sweet potato mash or fries, spinach, green beans

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        I think you're all right... SOL! I may try brunch the next day, that's a great idea!

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          I took this request as a challenge and looked around. Aquitaine in the South End has a $9.95 prixe fixe brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

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            masa's brunch is very reasonable too.

        2. what about the Parish Cafe? Little informal. might work as a late afternoon event.