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Oct 22, 2009 11:40 AM

Las Vegas Strip, shout out on buffets, let's hear them!

I'm headed to Las Vegas next month and LOVE hitting up the buffets. I like the variety of getting to have just a few bites of a lot of different things. I haven't been in two years, has anything been refreshed and worth checking out or are there new ones to not miss?

On previous trips I've been to the following buffets:
Aladdin(Planet Hollywood)
And a couple palces downtown I can't think of.

I'll probably get to Bellagio this time around, any in the low to mid-price range worth adding to my list?

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  1. I go to Las vegas for buffets like 4-5 times a year too. So far, the wynn buffet always have long lines so be prepare to wait in line for 45 to one hour during weekends. Another favorite buffet is Planet hollywood buffet which has a very good buffet for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Sign up for their reward card and you will get coupons for $5.oo off of their buffet.

    If you are driving to vegas, check out the new casino, M Resort which is off the the strip at Rose parkway and Las Vegas blvd. They have a good lunch buffet with complementary free unlimited beer and wine with your meal. They also have unlimited expresso bar in the dessert area too. I've been there on weekends and the lines are not that long of past reviews.

    In addition, there are a few casinos that offer unlimited buffets like mandalay bay, mgm casino, excalibur, luxor. I've seen the signage at Mandalay bay, you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for price $35 for a day. That can really save you money if you are there for the weekend. Check out their website for information.

    1. I've eaten at most of them at one time or another, and the buffet at The M Resort is my current favorite. The food is a as good as buffet food can be,there's always a very large international and seafood selection. The desserts are all very nice and the house made gelatos have been quite good...and a bonus, it's all very clean.

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        Will you people please stop recommending the M Resort's buffet? I like the short lines and I would prefer they stay that way.

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're so right, shamu! ;-)

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            Too late...going next month and I plan to take up 37 spaces in the line myself (my SO though will only occupy 17 places...and we plan to eat slowly :-)