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Oct 22, 2009 11:36 AM

ISO fresh roasted coffee beans- downtown, South End or Back Bay

Hi- in my mission to make better coffee at home, I recently purchased a french press and a coffee grinder. Now I am looking for quality, fresh roasted coffee beans downtown or in the South End/Back Bay area. Any suggestions? I am thinking about something like Intelligentsia, but as far as I know, they only sell at Bloc 11 and Diesal Cafes in Somerville....


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  1. Come out to Arlington.. you can buy from Barismo on Mass Ave.. take the 77 bus up from Harvard Square.

    Did you buy a burr grinder?

    1. If you are downtown there is a new coffee shop in Newbury street that serves and sells Barismo beans. HIGHLY recommend the Kenyan Kiandu. Has a berry flavor, more of a light roast and just a totally different coffee.

      The shop is Espresso Royalle Cafe. Nice people who ran it. I went to a Barismo tasting there.

      At Fanieul Hall is Red Barn Roasters and a big selection of beans. Not sure if they have a roast date on them or not.

      A GREAT bean, if still available is from Redeye Roasters out of Hingham. It is Ethiopian Misty Valley Idido. Light roast and a blueberry flavor. Available from their website possibly but more suburbs like the new Dedham Whole Foods Market. out that bean from them insanely fresh and insanely good and a local business.

      There is an Ethiopian market near the Pru and Polcaris coffee in the North End that sell green beans for like $4 a pound and you roast them yourself. $10 popcorn maker from Walgreens or a 3 quart cast iron/tri ply sauce pan and you can roast coffee at home dirt cheap. It is smoky so do outside or under a vent on stove. Google pan roasting coffee for the angelfire article or go to coffeegeek to read about popcorn maker roasting.

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        I'm a big home roast fan. I do it "cowboy" style in a cast iron skillet.

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          Hey, me too, StriperGuy! Only I don't use cast iron for this (makes great pizza, though). I'm in a panic because I actually ran out of green beans to roast - have to put an order in fast, before I have a caffeine fit.

          I believe - the simplest tools along with the freshest ingredients - makes the best food & beverages. Can't even drink coffee out anymore.

      2. Both Peet's (High and Federal Sts.) and Flat Black Coffee Co. (Milk and Broad Sts) sell good, fresh-roasted beans, plenty of varieties. When you buy beans at Peet's you get a free small coffee drink (or a single espresso, my choice). I get this deal even though I only buy half a pound at a time. Not sure it would work for buying a couple ounces, but no one does that anyway.

        1. Terroir Coffee ( is in Acton. You can get it at Whole Foods or you can mail order directly from them.

          1. Yes I have also bought from Peets on High Street. Have enjoyed their house blend but had too much inconsistency batch to batch on their beans.

            Flat black is good too though never bought their beans. Should stop by there again.

            Just remembered Boston Beantown?? One is on Washington st in Downtown Crossing and one a few blocks away off of Summer street near South Station sells beans as well.

            I do tend to prefer lighter roasts so that is why I have been pleased with Barismo and Redeye roasters.