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Oct 22, 2009 11:34 AM

Recommendation: Birthday Dinner for 10-15

I'm turning 28 in late November and I am going to have a dinner for a group of my friends. I don't have any "real" requirements, but I want to have a great meal in a fun location.

My 2 leading contenders are Wilshire (I've been there - treehouse is great) or possible Gjelina (never been). Some other possibilities are Cecconi's, Street, Fraiche, or Riva

Location is not a major issue, but Westside is possibly better as I will be going out to Viceroy for the rest of the evening.

Anyone have thoughts or feelings?

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  1. I agree that the Wilshire treehouse idea is a great one. I'm guessing they could accomodate a group that large at Gjelina as well (and the food is fantastic) but you wouldn't have the benefit of a private area. Another thought is the back room at Musha. It seats around 12 and is really fun for a party and a short cab ride to the Viceroy. Or there's Chez Jay. It's way more divey than your other options, but I think it's such a cool, old school LA spot and within stumbling distance to the Viceroy. I actually almost had my birthday party there this year...

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      With respect to Street, I only went once and it was very early on, but I've had no desire at all to return. I think you could do much better in terms of food at that price point. As Phurstluv says, Riva is now Fraiche 2, which might be a good option.

    2. Love Wilshire. Gjelina is good and has lots of options for sharing.

      I've heard but haven't been to Cecconi's and the reviews were poor. Street may be fun, again, lots of sharing. There is no Riva anymore, it's Fraiche 2 now. I haven't been yet, so don't know if the food is as great as the original location in C. City. Just my thoughts on what you have mentioned. Don't have any real recs since you don't mention price range or what you like to eat.

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        I didn't mention price range because it's kind of subjective, but I thought that the places I named would give a general idea. I'd say around $50-$60/pp,. maybe a little more, little less...just kind of depends on the place.

        I forgot about Fraiche II, I was just going through an old LA Magazine for ideas.

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          You could have a really fantastic meal at Gjelina at that price point and it's a fun location. Here's my review from last week with a group of 6:

          1. re: mollyomormon

            I'm thinking that's the leading contender. Looks great, sounds great. What are the downsides, if any? Is there a better area to sit than others...should I request anything or is there only 1 spot that a group of that size can fit?

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              I seem to remember the big tables on the patio being circular and none being larger than the one where we were seated. But give them a call. When I called to make the reservation for that night, the hostess was super accomodating and helpful.

              That'll be an awesome birthday!