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Oct 22, 2009 11:00 AM

Eat my way to Leavenworth

I've seen some threads w/some info...not too much. What is YOUR rec for the drive AND, in and around the area. We'll stay at Pension Anna two nights mid-Nov. This is an exploration trip as we are considering moving somewhere in the area between Seattle and the Cascade range NE.
TIA from "Tired of the always sunnyside" So Cal gal
P.S. Hubby B. D. is the 11th - where to go for BD dinner in Seattle area downtown.

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  1. Birthday dinner for boy in Seattle- What type of cusine? What does he like?

    Where is your start for the drive? There is not a whole lot of places on the Cascade HWY...

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      Thankyou! BD Boy LOVES meat but, I don't go near it. We both love seafood and ethnic foods. Doesn't have to be fancy but, REALLY delish food (general consent). We are very casual people.
      We arrive in Sea by 1p and will drive to Leavenworth 2 nights then back on Thurs. (for dinner) one night at Pike Market area. Then off to Spokane to vist mom-in-law for the weekend. TIA :)

      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        For dinner in Seattle I would recommend- based on what you have said- and in the downtown and Pike Place Market area- The Palace Kitchen, Steelhead Diner, Restaurant Zoe, & Lola... I am sure there are others... and if you are willing to branch out to VERY close by areas (Capitol Hill & the International District- ID) there are many more options like... Quinn's, Tin Table, Oddfellow's, Green Leaf, and other ethnic ID places...

    2. i would definitely drive via hwy 2/Stevens Pass.. goes through more small towns and its pretty.

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      1. re: brianv78

        Ok....time is getting close and I still don't have much roadside inspiration - Is there any along the 2/Steven's Pass? Maybe not. We have time to roam and explore btween Seattle and Leavenworth as we're scoping the area looking to move from L.A.. So, please whatever ideas you have will be taken into consideration....TIA, really...

          1. re: FadedFedor

            Thanks for pointing out this list. I occasionally browse nwhikers, but missed this. It's not quite a chow list, but suits my usual need - a hiker friendly place to eat without a lot of fuss.

            Sultan Bakery is a favorite - usually for the sweet baked items, occasionally for soup or sandwiches.

            I wasn't impressed by 59er at Coles Corner (the turn off to Lake Wenatchee SP). More often I have a picnic lunch at nearby Nanson Ck Rest Stop. But I wouldn't stop in this area if my destination was Leavenworth. It's too close.

            It is nice to know the Teddy Bears BBQ is in Monroe (on Main, not US2). I've eaten that the location that they used to have in Duval.

            From an eating standpoint it is worth keeping in mind that historically towns in this area served two industries - logging and the railroad. Leavenworth turned itself into a major tourist attraction. Further down valley (toward Wenatchee) orchards dominate. To the west, Stevens Pass Ski area is a major winter destination, but it does not have lodging.

            The railroad towns closer to Seattle serve the tourists, skiers, and hikers passing through, and increasingly are distant suburbs to the cities (Monroe, Sultan, Gold Bar, Startup).

            1. re: FadedFedor

              Thanks FadedFedor! This is awesome and fulfills my need for info about food stops. The comments on this thread really help too. Thank you all for coming to my aid! KQ in sunny So.Cal!

            2. re: Kitchen Queen

              Along highway 2, right near the entrance to Lake Wenatchee State Park, is the 69'er diner, which has really good milkshakes. Have never had the food, but it's always busy.

              In Leavenworth, the only good food I've ever had was ironically at the one mexican restaurant in the main part of town (can't recall the name, but "downtown" is only a few blocks long, and there is only one mexican restaurant - any local can point you there if you ask.)

              If you keep going on Highway 2 past leavenworth, you'll hit Kashmere, one of the mail apple growning areas of WA. It's late in the season, but there might still be some late-season tree ripened fruit for the picking.

              1. re: clearskies0810

                It is 59er diner, not 69er diner. It is under new ownership, so I count vouch for the food, but it used to be very good for burgers and other comfort food. It is located just before you hit Cole's Corner. If you are looking for good burger's, and the time of day is right, Zeke's (or is it Zak's) at about Baring on Hiway 2 is always a popular stop. Other than that, there might be a few small restaurants before you hit Leavenworth, but not many. I think the restaurant clearskies is thinking about in Leavenworth is South, and yes, it is very good. However, there is another Mexican restaurant in Leavenworth also, located above the Alley Cafe. The Alley Cafe is one of our favorite dinner spots. Also Gustav's for hamburgers and King Ludvig's. Mozart Cafe is also good.

                When you hit Cashmere, Country Boys BBQ is a hit. We also like the Hitchin' Post on the highway for burgers. They probably also do a good steak. Past Cashmere is Anjou Bakery, which is a real treat. Try their baked goods, and take along a loaf of bread. You will hit another great bakery when you get to the junction at Pateros.

                Speaking of Cashmere, apple picking season is pretty much over, and there are very few u-pick places (too much liability on ladders). Probably no u-picks left, but you will hit plenty of fruit stands with recent harvest.

                Are you stopping in Chelan? Many of the wineries serve food, but my favorite for lunch (sandwiches, soup, salad, etc.) is Latte Da. There is a new Asian restaurant on the main drag that I have not been to yet.

                Sorry to be so long winded, but I just re-read your message. I thought you were doing the whole drive of Highway 2, but now I see that you are only driving between Seattle and Leavenworth. In that case, and if you are thinking of moving to the area in between the two, be sure to check out the Lake Wenatchee/Plain area, just west of Leavenworth. You will have to get off Hiway 2 to see the whole area. However, your eating opportunities will be limited. The Mountain Springs Lodge in Plain serves good food if you are there at the right time. Can you give me a better idea of what kind of place you want to move to?

                Chelan Cafe
                3527 Chelan Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

                Hitchin' Post
                PO Box 332, Glennallen, AK 99588

                1. re: Jane917

                  Not sure where we want to move to. That's why we're exploring. A resting place wil be determined on a work place. He is a preschool teacher and I a social welfare specialist for seniors and the disabled.
                  You have any ideas???? We also plan to go to Tacoma and then Olympia area. And will drive to Spokane roundtrip from Seattle. I know I don't want any place E of the Cascades (except maybe Ellenberg)

                  1. re: Kitchen Queen

                    How about Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula (a few eating options in that area are mentioned in the NWHikers list)? That seems to a favored retirement area, in part due to the dryer climate (Olympic rain shadow). Don't know, though, whether that makes much difference in your job prospects.

                    1. re: paulj

                      Won't have time for the penninsula this go around however, we plan to come up to Sea again sometime in Feb. Maybe Pres. weekend. We'll focus on the penn side of Sea/Tac then. I know there's yummy places along the O.P love the oyster farms!!! We may end up closer to Olympia 'cuz major org there for senior advocay. Thanx KQ

                    2. re: Kitchen Queen

                      Given your professions, I am a bit doubtful about living/working arrangements between Monroe and Leavenworth. (Leavenworth is on the east side). I live in Wenatchee. If you like Ellensberg, also take a look at Cle Elum, a charming town about 80 miles east of Seattle (but also on the eastside). Is there a way you can PM me?

                      1. re: Jane917

                        Sure Love to PM - What is it??? If you click on my pic you'll get my email

                        1. re: Kitchen Queen

                          Sorry, I don't see an e-mail address. I see a blog site that takes me to a Yahoo page, but it is pretty generic. I am from So Cal too!

            3. Definitely stop at the Sultan Bakery. They have this peanut butter bar thing that is delectable, amongst a large variety of baked goods. They also do breakfast, lunch and dinner - portions are HUGE, and very reasonably priced. My BF and I split a burger, which was more than enough food for two people, at $8.95. The breakfast sandwiches are reported to be good as well. Also in Sultan, there is a meadery (honey wine) where you can stop in for a tasting (as well as a lot of good info about mead, should you be interested). The Maltby Cafe is a bit off of HWY 2, but is also known for huge portions of straightforward food, including a cinammon roll the size of your head (get it, share it, take some to-go if you have to, but don't leave without trying it!).

              Maltby Cafe
              8809 Maltby Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296

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              1. re: abstract206

                Maltby Cafe is just off 522 as you drive from Woodinville to Monroe. So it would a good breakfast stop if you are heading out of the Seattle area (esp I405) in the morning.

                Maltby Cafe
                8809 Maltby Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296

              2. Does anyone know if the Squirrel Tree is still around or the restaurant (cant remember the name) that is in Skykomish on the left hand side of the road on Highway 2 going towards Leavenworth?

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                  The Squirrel Tree is still around. The place by Skykomish, however, has been empty for several years now - they put a bright red roof on it and tried to rent it out, but no takers so far.