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Oct 22, 2009 10:34 AM

any comments about wanigan organic produce delivery?

hi hounds,

so i had originally been debating between mama earth organics and front door organics. i was leaning towards mama earth organics ... they had more variety in the types of boxes offered. however, i just contacted them and found out they don't deliver to etobicoke. d'oh!!!

so, now i'm looking at wanigan (

i've done a search and have found a couple of comments (all positive) but thought i should start a thread.

any hounds out there using wanigan? what do you like? what do you dislike? what is the quality of the produce like? any issues with spoiled produce? and how do they handle those issues?

right now, i'm looking a vegetable-only box (have a glut of apples that will likely last me till christmas!) so wanigan/mama earth are both appealing as they offer different kinds of boxes.

thanks for any insights!

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  1. We have used Wanigan now for two years. We don't have anything to compare it to but we are generally very happy with them. We get the Fruit and Vegetable Box. The variety is good but there was a stretch there when we were overun with carrots and bananas. We have it delivered every two weeks and it's enough for two of us.

    The quality is good. Any issues have been dealt with via email (eg, we got a mushy peach last week -- all I did was email them and was credited on my next delivery, no problem).

    Our delivery day is Thursday -- we have until 8pm to add/change our order online - it's super easy.

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    1. re: geoprincess

      hi geoprincess,

      thanks for sharing your experience.

      i think i'm going to go for it!