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Oct 22, 2009 09:47 AM

somewhere to take clients in dallas

Hello Texas, apologies for the very broad nature of this post, but I am coming into Dallas from NYC for the first time and need a little help--I'm looking for somewhere to take my clients (also not from Dallas) for dinner this weekend. Nothing too dressy, or too fussy, but somewhere with great, maybe even local, unpretentious food. Along the lines of a Prune or a Five Points in NYC, if anyone is familiar with those places. I know this is vague--but if anyone wants to tell me their favorites, I'd appreciate it! I'm staying at The Joule, if that makes a difference...Thanks!

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  1. If you're already at the Joule, you shouldn't miss Charlie Palmer. If that's out of your range, Neighborhood Services on Lovers is excellent and Parigi on Oak Lawn does the local dance.

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      I am familiar with Prune and think you will find Stephan Pyles on Ross Avenue (not far from where you will be staying) very comfortable. The fare is similar with a Texas zing, and the prices somewhat similar. Dallas is pretty casual and Pyles is not pretentious in the least, but very much the quality you are seeking. Check out the web site below:

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        Thanks to you both for the recos.

    2. I'm quickly going to throw in Local. Its just down the street.