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Soup for strep

All, I was diagnosed with strep throat this morning after feeling spectacularly crappy for the past two days. I'm venturing out soon to pick up my prescription and I will also be in search of some really awesome, hearty, soothing soup for lunch. I'll be in the 45th/Guadalupe area, so anywhere near there would be mightily convenient, although I'll go out of my way for something that will help make me feel better. I want to avoid the Central Market soup bar because, well, bleh. I've never been impressed with any of their soups.


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  1. Strep throat is just awful. I use to have it all the time as a kid. I hope you're feeling better soon. I've never had soup bar soup from Central Market. But I regularly get the Tortilla Soup ($5) from the Central Market south cafe. I'm addicted to it. I'm not sure if it's the same soup up north; but you might want to give it a try. The tortillas might be a little hard on your throat. If it was me, I'd ask them to hold them or put them on the side.

    1. I think the chicken soup at Fuegos, near Lamar and 183, is very soothing. It has lots of fresh veggies, cooked al dente, and it is light and fresh and not heavy and greasy. It comes in one size - large - for $6.99. I always crave it when I'm feeling under the weather.

      1. P19 with chicken at Madam Mam's is a magical healing soup. It also happens to be delicious.

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          I've often wondered about that soup. The description just said "Homemade Rice Soup in Chicken Broth."

          That's the sort of description that doesn't reel you in, but makes you wonder if you are missing out on something awesome. Can you describe it a little?

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            It really is simple. The magic is in the broth. I wish I knew enough about Thai flavors to know exactly what goes into it, but I do know that there is rice, chunks of white meat chicken and sliced celery. And fried garlic bits on top, which may be the secret healing ingredient.

            Mam's also makes a terrific duck soup, but I save that one for when I'm healthy and have my full sense of taste available to me.

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              Ooooh, I may have to go check that out tomorrow!

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            I always get the rice soup with chicken (Kow Tom Gai) from Thai Kitchen. It does the trick when I'm feeling under the weather.

          2. Wish I had seen this earlier!
            My new favorite sick soup is the Avgolemono (lemon-scented chicken soup thickened with egg) from El Greco on Guadalupe. A wee pricier than some, but soooo good. Warm, filling, and comes with some good pita.
            I'm also partial to any wonton soup from a Thai restaurant (if you can find it) because the wontons are much thinner and lighter than typical Chinese fare. The broth is just a tiny bit spicy and very fragrant. Lots of good veggies included.

            I hope you feel better soon!

            1. My go to soup is the spicy seafood/kimchi soup at Buffet Palace. It's pretty pricey when you have to buy the buffet or pay by the pound just to get some, and if that's all you want - which it usually is.


              1. Hey all, thanks for the recommendations and get-well wishes! I ended up with tortilla soup (no tortilla strips) from CM, which wasn't bad, and the coconut milk and chicken soup from Thai Kitchen. I am going to check out that soup from Madam Mam's on the next cold day!

                Thai Kitchen
                3103 S Fort Hood St, Killeen, TX 76542

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                  Yes madam Mam's p19 with chicken is magic chicken soup goodness, had some today-- thanks ladylivewire.

                2. I hope you are all healed up now, but I love this thread. Next sore throat, I'm headed to Madam Mam's, but I also wanted to give a shout out for Lily's Sandwich Cafe's Bun Bo Hue. Unlike HEA, which did nothing for me, I got a big spicy blast of meaty, slickery noodly goodness with a perfect amount of heat - augmented by their wicked chile paste. Congealed pork blood was yummy, other cuts of pork were great too, and the whole slurpy spicy experience was heaven. Their sandwiches, however, do not float my boat. I will say that I am intrigued by their duck noodle soup, so perhaps they should change their name to Lily's Soup Cafe?