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Oct 22, 2009 09:12 AM

Mermaid Inn - East Village

I haven't been there in a long time. It was great a couple of years ago.

Has anyone been lately and can give some feedback?

Thank you.

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  1. Ate there about 9 months ago. The food was not good and neither was the service. I used to love this place and the more popular it got the worse the food became. Free chcolate pudding for dessert does not make up for a bad meal. I would pass.

    1. Yes, I agree,
      I have been to Mermaid in E.vil two times before. However, I just went there in June and everything we ate was massively disappointing... except the oysters which were delicious. The lobster sandwich was really subpar, I'd rather go to Lukes anyday.

      1. Completely disagree... The food at Mermaid Inn has been reliably consistent ever since it opened. Any of the fish dishes good, and the pork chop, if you can get your head around ordering a pork chop there, is excellent. One thing to avoid - I was there recently and had the Spaghetti with Salad on top (I think this is an import from the UWS location) - it was not great, and I wouldn't get it again. The Sunday special pasta is consistently excellent though. I think Mermaid Inn is one of the best places in the East Village for a casual, relaxed, non-bank-breaking meal.

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          Please bear in mind that we're all here to share our opinions on our own experiences. While your experiences with Mermaid Inn may have been been reliably consistent, that doesn't mean other posters are incorrect if their opinions differ from yours.

          1. re: The Chowhound Team

            The going assumption was that the whole post was an opinion - including an opinion as to the correctness of other posts. In any event, I am pretty sure Mermaid has changed chefs since either of those commenters has been, so they are effectively reviewing a different restaurant. Nonetheless, I have softened my position a little bit to accommodate your admonition...

          2. re: Bistro Y

            I would not consider Mermaid a relaxed atmosphere at all. Especially if you are seated in the front room. The tables are quite close together, the bar is packed, it is loud and there are a ton of servers hustling around. Granted my experience has been on a Friday or Sat night. relaxed it wasnt.

          3. I went to the Mermaid 2 weeks ago and I thought everything was fantastic. I know they have a new chef who came from Walter Foods and he changed the whole menu. It's really 100% different than the last time I went in May. I would absolutely recommend trying or re-trying the Mermaid and it's new chef. The grilled whole fish was great, as was the baked Hake.