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Oct 22, 2009 09:10 AM

First time to Angela's in Eastie...recommendations?

I'm headed to Angela's with some friends this evening, and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for things we simply should not miss!
There will be 4 of us. We're fairly adventurous eaters :)
I do love my classic tacos (esp if the tortilla isn't too corny...for some reason, I find a lot of the smaller tortilla shells at Anna's, etc, have a gritty texture that just doesn't compare to some tacos I had once in Mexico), but would love to know what else is great.

The menu looks quite exciting, and I promise to post what we get, and our feedback :) Here's to a fun night out with the ladies!


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  1. I'd say work less from the paper menu and more from the specials board over the kitchen. Tinga, mole, rajas poblana, sopa de pozole, tacos al pastor, and tacos arabes are just a few that leap out at me. Talk to your server and ask what Angela has been working on lately. You should have a great time!

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      I haven't been to Angela's since the summer, but I'm pretty sure all the Mexican specialties now are on the printed menu, not just on the chalkboards. That said, there typically will be specials in addition to the printed menu.

      1. re: Blumie

        We were there last week, and yes much of what was only on the board before is on the newer printed menu. There is a nice antojitos section where you can pick several and make a meal, too.

    2. The only dish I have had here that I did not thoroughly enjoy were the chiles rellenos - they were soggy with grease. Everything else has been great, especially the guacamole and the mole

      1. Definitely tough to beat the guacamole and the mole.

        1. Get the mole, it is great and something that is just so complicated, time consuming to every really make (it takes so many ingrediants). this is not helpful, but I had a wonderful soup there but cant remember the name. The guacamole will be perfect to share with the gals! Enjoy!

          1. guacamole
            gorditas con chorizo
            rajas con crema
            tinga tostada
            tacos al pastor
            tacos arabes
            any of the desserts