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Oct 22, 2009 09:06 AM

Sunday Brunch/Lunch in Reading PA

Looking for a place for Sunday Brunch or Lunch in Reading - needs to open at 11am or earlier, as we have tickets to a Cirque show @ 1pm. Doesn't need to be super-foodie type place (we'll have 3-yr-old with us), just looking for something better than McD's! :)

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  1. Hello! I live in the area and Sundays are tough! Many of my favorites are closed. However, I can recommend GNA on Penn Ave. in West Reading. It's an Italian restaurant but they also have a more casual side with pizza and subs. In Wyomissing, there's Viva, which I believe does a Sunday brunch. Both places have decent food and would be kid friendly. They are both less than 10 minutes from the Sovereign Center. Enjoy the show!

    1. My Dad and his family (including my two younger brothers) live in Reading and they LOVE Williams Family Restaurant at 1701 Kutztown Road. Google maps tells me it's about 5 minutes from the Sovereign Center. I've eaten at Williams with them and it is a friendly, reliable diner with very good breakfasts - great for families.

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        Thank you both, we actually went to the Reading Country Club - they have a full buffet + menu. It was really good! (Strawberries and cream-stuffed french toast was the big highlight!) Thanks again!