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Oct 22, 2009 08:13 AM

Impression ( making a )in a depression

hey all
Would like to impress a party of 10 - first time inlaws. 2 kids 10+, and 8 adults, with east asian tastes

Need some BRUNCH ideas- savories/sweets- that can be made ahead, mostly. or may require some assembly like topping up the waffles

My challenge is that i have a limited pantry supplies and would like to make do, within a reasonable budget ( without the truffle oil recipes).

Kitchen tools include- cast iron pan, non stick pan, toaster oven, big oven, waffle iron

ur input deeply appreciated. decor ideas welcome (cilantro bunch in a vase!)
thxs, merci, gracais

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  1. "East Asia" is HUGE. Can you be more specific country or culture-wise? To me Chamorro cuisine is East Asian, but not everyone considers Guam "East Asian".

    1. Well, it isn't Asian, but it's inexpensive and wonderful:

      1. Wow. I think Asian brunch ideas might be kind of tough since brunch, as far as I know, is a pretty American thing. One thing that comes to mind is Chinese fried eggs-- but you have to make them to order (basically eggs fried in a ton of oil in a wok-- they puff up beautifully-- then served with rice, oyster sauce and chilis). Crepes are nice and cheap. You can make them ahead and serve with any number of sweet or savory fillings. And they always impress. Then maybe a nice fruit salad with minted sugar.

        1. friends who replied
          east asian, i meant spicy (not hot ) stuff. not necessarily asian but more flavorful than fish/chips. meat/potatoes etc.
          excuse me, i underestimated the culinary expertise, opps

          1. Though not Asian, but pleasantly spicy, is Shrimp & Grits... which to me is perfect to fix for a bunch at brunch.

            My favorite recipe is: though there are tons available.