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Oct 22, 2009 08:03 AM

Bar in Dupont Circle where you can hear each other talk

Obviously lots of places to meet for a drink in the Dupont Circle area but I'm looking for one where we can actually hear each other talk and won't necessarily have to stand. Any suggestions? Doesn't need to be fancy, not worried about prices or quality of beverages/cocktails. Thanks

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  1. Topaz or Town and Country at the Mayflower

    1. I would try either the lounge area at the Tabard Inn, the bar at Bar Dupont, or the bar at Heritage India.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Haha, the bar at Heritage? I don't think I've ever heard anyone recommend that place as a go-to place for drinks.

        1. re: Jacey

          The poster said they just want a place where you can hear your companion talk. I quote "Doesn't need to be fancy, not worried about prices or quality of beverages/cocktails." So I'm pretty sure this location fits.

          They have a nice, full bar. And if they decide they are hungry the list of happy hour specials is great!

      2. Veritas Wine Bar
        Bar at Vidalia
        Bar at Sette Osteria

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        1. re: dcandohio

          The bar at Sette can actually get pretty crowded and loud depending on the hour.

          But Vidalia's bar is a great idea.

        2. Firefly is my go-to place to have a drink and talk. I love the atmosphere, and the cocktails are quite innovative.

          And if you don't go too late, Urbana's lounge is another great choice. It even has everyday happy hour (I think it's from 4 or 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm)

          The Bar at Tabard Inn usually has a decent noise level and good drinks too.

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          1. re: Gigi007

            I second firefly, it is very pretty in there, an oasis.

          2. Thank you all! Some were on my list and some were not. I am drawn to the bar in [hotel, restaurant] suggestion.