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Oct 22, 2009 07:52 AM

Indonesian food shopping in SF

We're doing a flying visit (from London), always on the look-out for Indonesian produce that we can't find at home. Is there anything out of the ordinary in San Francisco?

Things we can't find at home:

fiddlehead ferns (even tinned/frozen)
cassava leaves (daun ubi)
lemon basil
torch ginger fruit/buds (Etlingera eliator)

Also foods like putu bambu and lontong sayur

Any chance of finding any of these in San Francisco?

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  1. Also recommendations for a Sumatran-style (spicy) rather than Javanese (sweet) restaurant would be good.

    1. Fiddlehead ferns are available seasonally at Berkeley Bowl, but they're way out of season. Lemon basil is common at Asian stands at farmers markets, but the season's about over.

      Recent sighting of cassava leaves:

      Jengkol, you might look at Thai markets. Did the one out on Geary go out of business?

      Battambang Market
      339 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA

      Sontepheap Market
      1400 14th Ave, Oakland, CA