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Oct 22, 2009 07:17 AM

MSP - 112 Eatery: been there this week?

can anyone report on 112 from the last week or so? with bar la grassa ramping up, i want to hear if 112 is still going strong, quality-wise. i'm hoping to go there this weekend for a very special occasion. thanks.

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  1. I've been a few times since the opening of bar la grassa and quality of the food doesn't seem to have diminished too much, but service has.

    You can tell the major players have all moved over to the new space leaving the staff at 112 a bit green.

    Personally though I feel like this has been an issue with them in the last 12-16 months and have seen their staff/service continually dwindle down in quality and some of the food has started to as well. (granted, they always have the staples of the scallops/burger/stringozzi/tagliatelle which never disappoint)

    1. As a resident-outsider, could you please update jfood's game card lineup?

      He has a reso at BLG the first week in Nov and looking forward to it. Is the old staff from 112 in charge over there? When did they leave 112?


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        Many of the staff members from 112 have made their way to Isaac's new efforts at BLG.

        It seems they've 'cherry picked' some of the more seasoned staff from 112 to get BLG up and running as smoothly as possible as a new restaurant.

        1. re: eburke91

          interesting. well, i went there last week, and the food was as good as ever. each dish was fantastic, the service was very solid. no complaints, it was a wonderful night out. (i was relieved - 112 is still amazing.)