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Oct 22, 2009 07:13 AM

Translating a slow cooker recipe to stove top

Slow cookers haven't been around forever, so I know this has to be possible...but how?

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  1. it really depends on what you are making.

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    1. re: cookieluvntasha

      I've seen a number of soup and stew recipes that look really good, so those are the ones I'm trying to translate. My biggest question is about cooking time, esp for recipes that include meat (I'm not a fan of food poisoning)--I can fiddle around with quantities of liquids to get the consistency right. Any advice is much appreciated!

      1. re: Erika L

        With a stove top soup or stew, the cooking time is largely a function of how long it takes tenderize the meat. And that in turn is a function of the cut.

        Something tender like pork tenderloin or steak only needs a few minutes, especially if cut thin. Something like oxtail or beef shank needs 3 hrs or more.

        I'd suggest looking at conventional recipes (braising, pot roast etc) for times, and the slow-cooker recipes for flavorings.

    2. i don't own a slow cooker and cook all those sorts of things in a dutch oven. it's not just a matter of adjusting the times though, the way the heat works is different.

      1. I think decent slow cooker recipes are ones that have been adapted from stove top or in the oven recipes. If you find a recipe you like, for slow cookers, you could ask here for a stove top/oven version and probably do better that way. But, if you want to convert, you need to increase the liquids about 1/2-1 cup, depending on the recipe, cook at low temperature but for shorter times. This should be helpful, as converting time goes, just reverse it: