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Oct 22, 2009 07:09 AM


Attending a conference at the Sheraton on HWY 7. Looking for something god for dinner easy and close. We've been to a couple of the restaurants in the mall nearby and they're fine, but nothing special. We're wondering if there is something local and good. Any suggestions? We have a car, but don't want to drive too far when we are exhausted at the end of our day.

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  1. Northern Dumpling in Times Square (across the street from you) has good interesting Chinese food at extremely good prices. Lucky Season (same plaza) has dim sum although i have only had it for lunch, not dinner. At lunch it is usually packed. O Mei is 3 or 4 blocks west on Hiway 7 and has gotten favorable reviews although i confess that i have not been lately. In this neck of the woods local and good usually means Chinese although I am sure that others will post other alternatives. If you are prepared to venture further west there are some outstanding shwarma and other middle eastern places such as Hannah Schwarma at the corner of Bathurst and Carville (16th Avenue).

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      One can write a thesis on this topic!!! Here goes!

      - Across Hwy7, there's Bombay Bheel for decent Indian

      - Across Beaver Creek, further down from the Royal Bank, there's Dragon Boat for good Cantonese fare.

      - Across Leslie inside Times Square there's Northern Kitchen Dumpling as eluded to by LJS2. In the same plaza, there's also Judy's Cuisine and Fantasy Eatery, both very good Cantonese. The very often packed Richmond Court is more like a cafeteria but the food at that price is more than acceptable. Especially the fried rice and noodle dishes.

      - Further down the road towards the west, there's another plaza where Ambassador and Golden Abalone are located. Again pretty good Cantonese fare. Next to Ambassador is a decent Korean B-B-Q place.. Also, both Miyabi and Akasaka are in the same plaza. Akasaka's Japanese food and teppanyaki is acceptable but a touch expensive.since one can find exotic items like lobster sashimi and Wagyu beef featured on the menu. Miyabi is good and less expensive. However, if you like Japanese you should head north on Leslie and try out the new Inatei instead - Arguably the best Japanese food in Richmond Hill.

      - Further west, there's the often mentioned O Mei. Consistently great giant lobster 4 ways! If you can gather enough people, its definitely worth a try!

      - Lastly, still further west, you can find Regal palace for great Chinese fare, Saigon Star for decent Vietnamese food but great Curry Crab and TanChiKee for great wok-hay stirred fry dishes!
      Good luck and have fun deciding!!!

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        There's always all the asian selections at First Markham Place. Order wisely at Ding Tai Fung (shanghai style food) and you could have a very good meal. VIP is ok for a pho fix but I agree with Charles ... the curry crab at Saigon Star is delicious, order extra baguette to sop up the sauce. John's BBQ at Hwy. 7/Chalmers for some very good chinese bbq and cantonese food. In the same plaza is a little neighbourhood sushi joint (Saporo) that has a great spicy salmon hand roll. There's always the Keg if you want to walk across the street and a huge bubble tea place near the Keg as well.

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          How could I forget about John's B-B-Q?!!! Must be getting old or too much MSG!!

    2. Mitsui Japanese Rest. in Bathrust and Eglin Mills -- this is a "must go" restaurant in richmond hill. for sure you will be happy to have their food. it is amazing. don't miss it.

      Mitsui Japanese Restaurant
      10815 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C9Y2, CA

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        First time I've heard of it! Is it Japanese run and own?! Do they have Omakase or just run of the mill a la carte?! How does it compare to say Zen or Aoyama?

      2. If you are looking for Indian food, avoid Bombay Bhel across the street. It is a second rate restaurant that caters mainly to the lunch buffet crowd. You are much better off at Host which is a few steps away from the Sheraton. The flavours are much more sophisticated, though the service and some of the dishes can be hit and miss.

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          Hello OP,
          My 'dinner' experiences were exactly the opposite!! Good meal at BB, really lousy one at the Host.
          By the way, for judging, I use the taste bud I acquired eating Indian food whilst living and working in London and S.E Asia for over a decade. These range from hole in the wall outfits to Michelin star establishments!

        2. Where do you go in Markham if you don't like Chinese/Japanese/Indian food.
          Are there some good Italian or North American choices?

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          1. re: silkrose1

            There aren't much. Basically you are stuck with the chains places for the most part. Unionville has a few ok places. Tutto Bene is good for Italian. Head up to Major Mac/Yonge for some good Hungarian at Rhapsody.

            Tutto Bene
            8133 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T2C6, CA

            1. re: Wil

              After all these years, Tutto Bene is still my favourite 'western' place in that area!

              Tutto Bene
              8133 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T2C6, CA

            2. re: silkrose1

              This is FABULOUS Indian food- great atmosphere, fabulous authentic Indian food, family run ...patio outside permitted use by our climate. In Unionville- right at the turn in the road across from the rented church- park there and walk across the street.
              Delicious rice pudding- the Mother can cook up a storm and does!
              The rice was the beast that I have ever had- veges in it .....mmmm
              Service is a little slower when packed - but who cares? You are being served great food in a nice place... not a take away meal.

              149 Main St, Markham, ON L3R, CA

            3. If you don't mind venturing to Markham - go to Main Street Unionville! There are some nice restaurants there. Unionville Pizza Co. has good ribs =)

              Main Street Cafe
              1626 Stittsville Main, Stittsville, ON K2S1A2, CA