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Oct 22, 2009 04:50 AM

Green Eggplant on Egglington

Going there for dinner Saturday night
Anyone been there and have any recs ?


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  1. Everything is huge, portion wise. Food is not stellar, but most of what I've had there is fairly well done. They will most likely be very crowded, as their price point/huge portion combination is lacking in the neighborhood.

    Most of their salads are quite good, but the caesar is quite dissapointing (think thick, slightly thick dressing). They also serve a respectable chicken fingers and steak with fries. Have never tried the pasta dishes. Again, nothing is fancy or life-changing.

    The service, in my experience, is never good. They seem to be permanently overwhelmed and understaffed.

    1. Went for the first time last Friday. Bread brought to table was not fresh, had to ask for new bread. Trio of eggplant dips (humus, tomato and mayo) were good, tomato one being the best. Should have shared my main of angel hair pasta with lobster and shrimp ($17) ; instead I got 2 more meals out of it at home. Hard to locate the pieces of lobster, though. Waitress said sharing is very popular there. Garden salad that came with meal was okay, also huge for a starter. By 7 the place was packed and quite noisy. Still, all diners seemed to be enjoying their meals.

      1. Eglinton! Eglinton! Is it really so hard to spell?

        *exasperation not directly solely at original poster*