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Oct 22, 2009 03:38 AM

Yo Sushi

Has anyone tried their food? I just got word that they are opening a branch in Aberdeen, and I was thinking of trying them out. I was hoping to get some chow-mendations on wether or not its worth the visit. :O)

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  1. Hmmm...I've never been impressed with my two visits to Yo Sushi to be honest - freshness was a problem, you could say.

    1. Yeah, I'd say it's worth a visit if you've never been before, just like most places. They can be insanely cheap to eat at if you go when they have offers on (most days of the year, I'd say...) and there are a couple of alright things, mainly the cooked foods. So yeah, worth a visit if you've not got any other options and to see why they're so popular.

      1. Wagashi Japanese Bakery makes very good stuffed Japanese pancakes (dorayaki) -- they supply Yo Sushi (according to their brochure), so I would recommend trying them for dessert.

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          Yo Sushi is absolutely OK for a cheap sushi fix, but don't expect to find anything amazing and, yes, it's not the highest quality fish on the block. Ibrahim's right - you're better ordering some of the freshly cooked items or hand rolls rather than sticking to the conveyor belt. I really really hope they source local fish though, that might take it to another level.

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            Well the harbour is right down the road, and I think most fish up here comes in from Peterhead. So I do hope that the fish is at least fresh and tasty! :O)

        2. Have you tried "Yatai in Aberdeen? Looks like they take their Japanese food seriously and it was one of the few places in the UK to served fresh fish rather than frozen in sashimi and sushi.

          It would be interesting to know if their sushi/sashimi had been good before the food inspectors caught up with them in the summer and stopped them i.e. by law all fish served as sushi/sashimi in the UK must be frozen at minus 20 degrees for more than 24 hours. Obviously this alters taste and texture and makes it impossible to get "Japanese" standard sushi/shasimi in the UK. The restaurant now has a campaign to change the law.

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            I've been there before the law changed over the summer. Back then their sushi was amazing. The sushi chef certainly has skill and it shows in the beautiful pieces he whips up.
            I haven't been since the law changed as I thought that it would not be as good, but heard that he has modified the menu. Will keep you posted if I do decide to visit.

          2. Admittedly, being from Los Angeles, I am spoiled by great sushi. I went to Yo Sushi once when I was in London and needed a quick bite after a play. It was absolutely horrid. Quite possibly the worst sushi I have ever tried. The fish was flavorless and the rolls with mayonnaise used non-Japanese mayonnaise that lacked the proper sweetness. I went with a friend and we now refer to the chain as "Yo-No."

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              ^^^Completely agree. Only thing worse is the sushi from UK supermarkets