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Oct 22, 2009 12:47 AM

pho noodle and there service.

pho noodle is my favorite. i can eat this 3 times a day. I love it alot and I've been eating at alot of different vietnamese restaurant. However there are a lot of restaurant that i see when the servers bring out the noodle. They seem to dip there thunb finger nail into your soup. Have anyone ever notice that. What would you do if they do that to your bowl of soup. I noticed that most people just ignore what they see, pretend like they didn't see it. Hmm...What would you do?
I'm referring this to most of the restaurant in the forest lawn area and in n.e areas as well.
dont be scare and not eating vietnamese food. I think most place downtown is just fine. they know about there service. please let me know you would do.

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  1. never encountered this.

    Your post is obviously about Calgary (to somebody who lives here and recognizes "Forest Lawn" and "NE") but please indicate more clearly in the title and/or body of your posts what city you're writing about.

    1. I guess I would think that if they were dipping their thumb in the soup that it wasn't that hot. Or maybe that if they routinely did it the thumb would be sterile. You just don't want to be the first soup of the day.

      All joking aside, I actually have no problems with a cook handling food with their hands. Gloves can give a false sense of security. If you just used that gloved hand to open the door then it's as dirty as the doorknob. Very few people will wash their gloves on or change them as often as they should.

      A waiter should be washing their hands often especially if they are bussing empty tables or worse, handling money!.

      I wouldn't be thrilled about seeing someone's thumb in my soup but they should have clean hands if they are handling plates and cutlery and I wasn't completely joking about the temperature of the soup.