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Oct 21, 2009 11:13 PM

Favorite pie at Co.?

I know it's gotten mixed reviews here, but I'm wondering what people love at Co.

I'm also wondering if there would be a line if 3 people showed up at around 5 on Thursday. (I would guess not, but you never know...)

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  1. Flambe, i think it's called.

    1. I live near Co. and I walk by it all the time. It's not crowded early. Definitely no line at 5. Or at 6. Maybe at 8.

      1. Asparagus and quail egg. YUUUUUMMMMMMM.

        The chicken liver crostini is also excellent.

        1. Thanks for the rec's. The best dish was the Pizza Bianca, which was 3 or 4 bucks, basically a pizza crust with salt and olive oil, and absolutely perfect. Ribolita (soup) was good, not great. The Flambe pizza was delicious and sweet from the caramelized onions. The sausage and mushroom pizza was much better after it cooled a bit - when it was hot out of the oven the crust was burnt and the center was wet and messy. After a few minutes, though, it all came together.

          My only complaint was their seating policy. We were a party of 3 in a huge empty room, yet they were uncomfortable seating us without knowing exactly how many we might be (3 could have expanded to 4 or 5) and they wouldn't seat my 80-year old mother until we all arrived, so she sat at the bar and had a drink, which seems ridiculous considering the real estate available!

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              We went back today for lunch, a freakish occurrence since my mother (a retired chef) always wants to try something new. Seating was not a problem, and the staff was very gracious. We basically got the best of what we had ordered previously (pizza bianca, flambe pizza) and tried their delicious bratwurst, cabbage, and bread special. We also had 3 desserts: a rich and gentle chocolate pudding, a chocolate crumb pie with praline ice cream, which was deep, dark, chocolate with an unusual crumbly texture, and their cutest dessert, a "co,ookie" with a little cardboard cup of milk. I'm surprised there are complaints about the food here, I thought everything was pretty close to perfect. Jim Lahey was there, which may have contributed to their quality control, or maybe they just needed to work some kinks out.