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Oct 21, 2009 11:02 PM

mission impossible north scottsdale

I need a restaurant for Friday night for 2 out of town guests staying at Grayhawk who are carnivorous non-adventurous eaters (Mexican too exotic), 2-5 year olds (one eats only dry pasta with parm on the side, the other loves fried calamari) and my husband and myself who would like to have something nice to eat . A good homey pub or a north scottsdale version of Chelsea's would work. Alcohol a must under the circumstances.

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  1. Humble Pie at Desert Ridge.

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      A few places that might work in the Grayhawk area are:
      The Herb Box @ DC Ranch

      Heirloom @ DC Ranch

      Phil's Grill/Quill Creek

      O'Donohue's Irish Pub

    2. 18 Degrees at the Ice Den on Bell Road. Very kid friendly and you can get a booth with its' own televiision if you want. This is basically a neighborhood grill but with the food kicked up a couple of notches. Burgers, great cheesesteak and more.

      1. If the children are well behaved at restaurants, White Chocolate Grill might be one option to consider. There are usually many families with children there on Friday nights. However, they don't take reservations so there will probably be a good wait between 6:30 and 8. (correction - it looks like they just started taking a limited number of reservations) Good menu options for both adults and children, though, and excellent drinks.

        Unfortunately, my experience with Humble Pie by Desert Ridge has been poor. Very long wait times for food, drink refills and check to arrive. Though I enjoy their pizza, my children did not, nor did they enjoy waiting so long. And I did not enjoy hearing their complaints so we don't go anymore.

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          WCG is excellent. Go for the Tomato Gin Soup.......!

          1. try again

            White Chocolate Grill
            7000 E Mayo Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85054