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Oct 21, 2009 10:07 PM

Good Restaurant in Wayne, NJ?

I'll be driving from NYC to Sussex county and this will take me through Wayne.
I'm looking for a restaurant with American Food- cheeseburgers, steaks but also a little beyond - so a few items on the menu that are a little more gourmet.
My travel companion is a plain jane but I like the odd twist here and there.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. You'll go right past Burger DeLuxe, which is a few steps beyond your usual burger joint. Think duck burgers with five-spice powder and hoisin, cucumber lemonade, etc.

    The best restaurant in the vicinity is Rosemary & Sage in Riverdale, about a mile out of your way.

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      My favorite is Burger DeLuxe. Great burger selection from the daring to the plain jane. Great shakes. I always get an egg cream. Fries are great too. Nice atmosphere.

    2. On Rt 23 South on the border w/Pompton Plains is a place called Tiff''s part of a small privately-owned chain (the others are known as TIffany's)...decent ribs and burgers, salads, full bar. Think sports bar but family atmosphere. NOT fancy food at all, but certainly a step above any chains you'll find along the way.