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Oct 21, 2009 09:44 PM

Pan de Meurto?

We have a new Cub leader who's from Cancun and he's feeling a little homesick. He was talking about how much he's going to miss having Pan de Meurto because he waits all year for it.

I thought there might be a place in town that sells it? Help? Please?

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  1. I bought some two-years ago at Chipotle & Jalapeno.

    There's a Mexican bakery on Beaubien near Lanaudière. I don't know for sure if they'll be making pan de muerto, but I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that they will.

    Also, talking to our waitress at Los Clásicos on a recent visit, she hinted they may be baking some for the holiday. No guarantees, though.

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        We were talking to the person at Los Clasicos, and I believe they will have pan de Meurto this weekend. She showed us a photo of it, and said, we will be making this for El Dia de Los Muertos. So chances are high you could get it there.

        1. re: moh

          Would be curious if you had a chance to try the pan de muerto from Los Clasicos, Moh.

          1. re: mainsqueeze

            Sadly, did not make it to Los Classicos this weekend, so I did not try it.

      2. A mention of this in the Voir of this week, you can see the article here:

        The last paragraph mentions that supermarché Andes Sabor Latino (436, rue Bélanger, 514 277-4130) and boulangerie-pâtisserie Carol Sarah (1365, rue Beaubien Est, 514 807-1294) have Pan de Muerto.

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          Also, Mestiza ( -- the "épicerie fine mexicaine") on corner of De La Roche & St-Zotique is having a little festival of dégustations, etc., featuring pan de muerto, and culminating on November 1 with tamales, hot chocolate, and spiced coffee.
          Oct 29-30: 10:00-20:00
          Oct 31-Nov 1: 12:00-17:00

        2. We got our pan de muerto from Carol Sarai on Beaubien and we really liked it. It was very fresh and soft with a brioche-like crumb, although nowhere as rich, and a delicate orange flavour. I liked it much more than the one I got at Chipotle and Jalapeño, two years ago. That one was dry and tough, and had me wondering what the big deal was about. I wouldn't say that the pan de muerto from Carol Sarai was to die for or anything, and I don't think any pan de muerto could send me into fits of ecstasy, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless.

          1. For next year and to facilitate searches, I saw pan de muerto available at Sabor Latino on Halloween day, and the cashier told me they would also have it on November 1st.. Didn't get a chance to try it but it looked nice - dough "bones" on top, and a sprinkling of pink sugar.