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Oct 21, 2009 09:22 PM

Macarons in Paris

In Sydney, there is a Lindt chocolate cafe and they make fantastic macarons that I have become addicted to! However, I want to try the 'real thing' on my visit to Paris from the 28th December to the 4th of January. We are staying in an apartment on Rue de l'Universite, but I would be willing to travel anywhere in Paris for the best macarons! Has anyone got any suggestions? I have heard that Laduree is great??

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  1. Perhaps, it might be helpful to have FAQs links to macarons, cheese, wine bars, bakeries, etc.

    Anyhow, eks81, I would suggest you try as many diffrent places as you can and find your favorite since I find that people's reactions vary.

    That being said, my companion who is a self-claimed macaron expert (been eating that stuff for 40 years) approves of Gregory Renard and says that his macarons are correct while others we have tried are not.

    You can read more on this thread and I am sure there are many others:

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      I'm a very big Renard proponent (they're my favs by and large), but one caveat is that his macarons are only wonderful when they're fresh -- they're not the kind of macarons you can keep a few days, unlike say Ladurée's.

    2. My personal favourite is Pierre Herme. The long queue's say it all! The best I've eaten! Last xmas I had the seasonal special "chocolate and foie gras" - amazing!

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        My problem with Herme is too sweet and macaron has no' chew '. Next time in try Renard.

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          So we just tried the macarons from Gregory Renard and think the texture is as perfect as it gets, but as a whole it's a tad too sweet--almost sweeter, if that's possible, than the ones from Pierre Herme. I do agree that the latter have absolutely no chew or bite to them anymore, as if he's completely stopped caring about that aspect of the macaron and decided to focus exclusively on the flavors (which, however, I have to admit are extremely intense and probably second to none, i.e. you have no doubt whatsoever that you're eating a citron-flavored or one with olive oil).

          1. re: hong_kong_foodie

            Pierre Hermé's macarons are now made in Alsace in a manufacture... that probably explains why they're not as good as they were...

            My new favorites are the ones from Carette. The flavors are classic, but they were just perfect last time I had them.

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        1. Had a very disappointing macaron from Ladurée (the original one at Madeleine). The outside biscuit part was exceedingly crumbly, a sure sign of lack of freshness.
          Hubbty poo had a very tasty canelé though.

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          1. re: Parigi

            had a similiar experience at LaDuree on rue bonaparte. My very first LaDuree macaron was their caramel. The oustide completely crumbled while the filling was chewy and hard. it originally turned me off to their macarons completely. Another try, and rose this time, changed my mind. But i definately stick to the macarons with the "fluffier" fillings there now.

          2. I recommend Carette, Place du Trocadéro, in the XVI arrondissement. Their macarons are as good as Ladurée for my tatste. I recommend to take their 5 pieces plate to discover if you prefer "caramel au beurre salé", rose, or pistacchio or cherry.. and then you can buy a box. But store the box in the fridge.

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              Today had an excellent coffee-flavored macaron chez Valentin in the passage Jouffroy, Deluccacheesemonger's fave.

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                There's also the new one at Places des Vosges (Carette).