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Oct 21, 2009 08:34 PM

Searching for German/Austrian foods in Toronto

We're hosting a pilsner tasting - we've got the main things covered:

(a) pilsner :)
(b) schnitzel
(c) wursts
(d) spatzel
-- and desserts - strudel, black forest cake (can't remember the german term) etc.

But for picky apps kinda things I don't know where to look. For pretzels for example. For damn good sauerkraut. For candies and things to put in gift bags.

I thought maybe you could all help :)

Oh and it's this Saturay - but I have all day Friday and Saturday am to go hunting....

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  1. You can buy pretzel buns at Longo's, at York Mills & Don Mills, though I'm not sure how many they might have on hand, generally.

    I have purchased pretzels from Sticklings, but it's near Peterborough. They do have many retail stores in Toronto selling their goods, however, so you could probably call them and see if they could have a pretzel order delivered by Saturday to a location near you.

    For sauerkraut, there is a real one at Fresh from the Farm (Donlands & O'Connor), sold in a jar. I say real because it is made with cabbage and salt, and the sourness comes from fermentation not added acid/vinegar. Generally, though, I try to buy sauerkraut from the St. Jacob's farmers' market.

    For other things, you could try Vienna Meats in Scarborough. I have never been (though I have been meaning to go), so I'm not sure of the range of things they sell; you could call them and check, before heading out there.

    Here's a thread about them - they had a fire some time ago but have been open again since the summer.

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    1. re: Full tummy

      Thanks for the info - I like the sounds of the sauerkraut! I hope I get a chance to get over there.

      1. re: Full tummy

        I eat at Vienna Meats for lunch about once a week..

        They have a fresh meat counter & a small grocery area - you should find alot of fun things over there.

      2. There's a German grocery store in Etobicoke (the name escapes me) on Kipling/Jutland right next door to European Quality Meats. I used to live in Germany and go to this store often to pick up things I used to buy while living there. They've got a pretty good selection of stuff. Lots of Germany candies, a huge selection of Milka chocolate, cookies, lots of canned goods, etc...

        The address for European Meats is 16 Jutland Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2G9. If you're standing in front of European and facing it, the German grocery store is the building directly next door to the left.

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        1. re: Boodah

          Bless you, Google Street View. The German grocery store is called Food Depot International, Inc. Bright yellow awning, can't miss it.

          1. re: Boodah

            Thanks very much! My grandmother lives in that area and I had completely forgotten!

        2. if you're near downtown, you can try Reither's deli on Church Street. They have the real deal in terms of imported German and Austrian mustards, sauerkraut, and other condiments, and a big selection of Austrian biscuits/chocolates/candies. It's not the cheapest, but you could do a lot in one stop.

          For fresh pretzels and salzstangerl I would recommend the Dimpflmeier Bakery factory outlet.

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          1. re: simplepieman

            Dimpfel's actual production facility is just a few blocks away from the German grocery store I mentioned above and I believe they have a storefront there. Also, next door (to Dimpfel's) is The Musket, a good German restaurant.

            1. re: simplepieman

              Thanks - that's just up from us so I'll definitely check it out!

            2. Brandt Meat's factory store in Mississauga is full of German goodies, as well as killer hyper-fresh wurst.

              1. I strongly recommend the Brandt outlet and Dimpflmeier Bakery. They are very close to each other in the west end, and both are excellent. Brandt is only open Wed to Sat though.

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                1. re: Crepes Suzette

                  Brandt and Dimp's sadly aren't that close. Dimp's is just east of Kipling but Brandt is considerably further west along Dundas in MIssissauga east of Dixie.Though Brandt products are sold widely, you'll get far better selection, freshness and prices at the factory store. BTW, their lunch counter is great, too.

                  1. re: Kagemusha

                    I guess it depends on perspective. When you live in North Toronto and you're making a special trip to out there, they are relatively close to one another. IIRC it's at most a ten minute drive. Although I don't know how accessible the locations are by TTC.

                    1. re: Crepes Suzette

                      In heavy mid to late day traffic, Dundas W can crawl along making it a good deal more than 10 minutes and, no, there's no TTC connection since Brandt is well into MIssissauga. You can find German/Mittel Europe-style meats around Dimp's and some associated goodies,too, but Brandt has more.