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Oct 21, 2009 08:09 PM

DC Hound Looking for Good Eats in Roswell, GA

Ok Hounds -

My boyfriend and I will be heading down to the Atlanta area this weekend for a friend's wedding. We'll be in Roswell for most of the weekend and are looking for a good place to eat on Friday.

I'm not after anything I can get here in DC - so no sushi or ethnic food (as much as I love that). I'm after food we can't get here, so that makes me think classic Southern food.

I've read some good reviews about Greenwoods, especially their meatloaf and fried chicken. Is this where we should go?

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  1. Yes! I'm the one who always recommends Greenwoods. If you're already going to be in Roswell, it's a no brainer. Just remember that they don't take reservations, so go early or be prepared to wait. I was thinking that they also don't take credit cards, but I may be wrong about that.

    Also think the trout is very good.

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      For some reason, I am not nuts about Greenwoods. However, their place across the street Swallow at the Hollow is GREAT BBQ (particularly Ribs) with awesome macaroni and cheese (which I normally don't like).
      For more upscale "Southern" try Miltons in Alpharetta (close to Roswell on Crabapple Rd)..really good food.
      Old Roswell is kind of cute historic area with a grouping of restaurants along Canton Rd. If Fickle Pickle is still open for dinner that would be the place. I used to live nearby but haven't in a couple years.

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        Strong second for the Swallow and/or Greenwoods across the street--if you could only go to one, go to the Swallow and just get dessert (huge pieces of pie) at Greenwoods to go and you'll get the best at both places.

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          Thanks everyone! Looks like we might have a chance to try both Greenwoods and Swallow. I'll post reviews for wherever we end up.

    2. There is a pretty good place in Alpharetta its called Chips southern cooking. They have some of the best fried chicken I have ever had! 400 north to exit 10 Old Milton Pkwy make a right off the exit its about a mile or so down on the left. There is also Midway Meal House on the border of Alpharetta and Cumming also has greeeeat southern food! 400 N to exit 12b right onto hwy 9 about a mile down on the left. Both are anywhere from 10-20 minutes from Roswell. Enjoy!

      1. We ended up at Swallow at the Hollow today - Greenwoods was closed for lunch for some kind of private party. Even if we hadn't known to look across the street for an alternative, we could have followed the smell right to the door.

        Our waiter, Benjamin, was extremely friendly and figured out we were out-of-towners as soon as we asked about Sweetwater beers. From then on he took it upon himself to educate us, beginning with the beer (we ordered two Georgia Browns on his recommendation, but instead he brought us one Brown and one Terrapin Golden Ale for us to try) and extending to the food.

        We started with the Fried Green Tomatoes, knowing they're a quintessential Southern dish. While they were good, they didn't really blow me away...although, in all fairness, I have nothing to compare them to.

        For the entree, I ordered the pork sandwich, which was available either chopped or sliced. I requested chopped, thinking it'd be similar to pulled, but he told me sliced was the way to go, so I got that. Then he said he hoped we weren't missing the ribs. We weren't - my boyfriend ordered a half rack. For sides, we knew we wanted the mac and cheese (thanks for the pointer SusaninSeneca!) but when we hesitated on the second side, he said to get the baked beans.

        The food arrived with three sauces in nondescript plastic squeeze bottles. One was a Kansas City style tomato-based, one was a mild mustard sauce, and one was a spicy vinegar sauce (cider vinegar base). Benjamin told us he liked to mix the sauces, so he dumped some of each on a plate, which we were instructed to dip in. The pork sandwich was great dipped in the hodge-podge of mixed sauces, which was sweet and very tangy. The ribs and the baked beans were the best things we had, though. The meat completely fell off the bone....and as far as the sides, while we agreed the mac and cheese was great, the baked beans were special.

        Benjamin told us the secret to the ribs was braising with onions, carrots and celery. He also said the secret ingredient in the KC sauce was anchovy; in the vinegar sauce, rosemary. When we asked about the beans, all he would say is that they were made without meat. Finally, he gave us recommendations on what to order should we make it to Greenwoods.

        Overall the meal was really good. The food, while excellent, was almost overshadowed by the very attentive service. Not that this is a bad thing! :)

        Swallow At the Hollow
        1072 Green St, Roswell, GA 30075

        1. If you could make it to Decatur, go to Scott Peacock's restaurant, Watershed, for truely wonderful, truly Southern, truly honest food in an upscale setting. This you cannot get in DC!

          1. I just had lunch at Da Cajun Kitchen on Atlanta street. Excellent gumbo and the muffuletta was amazing. I definitely recommend this place.