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Oct 21, 2009 07:22 PM

Shelter Rock Jewish Center (DeLuxe Caterers)

My fiance and I have been looking at several Jewish Centers on Long Island for our wedding next fall. We've looked at Shelter Rock Jewish Center, Sephardic Temple, and Oceanside Jewish Center so far. We still want to check out Woodbury Jewish Center (but probably too pricey), Temple Sinai, Jericho Jewish Center (Jem Caterers), and East Meadow. We do need glatt kosher. I was surprised to find out that some temples are not glatt, Oceanside was not and I need to find out if East Meadow is. Some are even just kosher style; they will serve dairy. Oh we also checked out the Royalton Mansion at the Roslyn Country Club. We loved it, they are affiliated with Jem caterers, but they are also the most expensive place we've seen.

So far, we really like Shelter Rock. We love their ballroom and the sanctuary. However, we've never been to a party there before and are extremely nervous about the food. Food is VERY important. Has anyone been to an affair at Shelter Rock or know of someone who has? They won't do a tasting with us because they don't like to do business during someone's party. Understandable, but I don't just want to call up the references that they give us. They did say they would do something during the week when they are preparing for the weekend and give us a taste,. But I rather taste something that is what is going to be served during my wedding.

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  1. we have been to several parties there. They are known to be 'high end' and on the expensive side. Their food is usually very good as well as the service. You must remember that as a guest we are subject to the personal choices of the hosts and you can never account for individual tastes.

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      That is a good point about accounting for individual tastes. That will always happen. I'm sure all of these places have good food, it's hard when you aren't able to preview the food. Shelter Rock definitely gives the appearance of "high end," and it seems like the service will be great. They are expensive but we found them to be less than some other places we looked at. And they do include a lot. I never realized how much these synagogues would be, but I'm not from Long Island and never realized how much of a business these synagogue caterers are. In Westchester, where I'm from, people never think to have their parties at synagogue, like on Long Island.

    2. Not to be a shill for the place that did my wedding, but try Crest Hollow Country Club. Glatt food, amaziong food, reasonable price.

      1. We used Shelter Rock for our wedding (about 260 people; I wouldn't go much more than that, really). We really liked them, and we were still getting compliments on the food the week after. The chateau briand was cooked through perfectly, with people who ordered it rare getting it rare and people who ordered it well done getting it well done. We paid a little extra for a slightly different dessert option- plated "his and hers" desserts (i.e. two different desserts alternating around the table), plus dessert carts (bananas foster, cotton candy, fondue, etc). I really can't recommend them enough.

        1. My husband and I did not use Shelter Rock for our wedding last year for that exact reason. I did not feel comfortable calling their 'references.' However, a number of people I already knew had been to affairs there shortly before our wedding and were not pleased with the food. You can also try Rockville caterers at Temple Bnai Sholom in Rockville Centre. Their ballroom and sanctuary are also very nice.
          Mazal Tov!
          Jaq, AuD

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            Glad to know others did not feel comfortable with the references! I feel if you have nothing to hide, then show us. Most other caterers have offered us some tasting.

          2. We got married at Shelter Rock many years ago, and the food was delicious. My sister in law was married there somewhat more recently (maybe 7 years ago), and it was great again. They did let us taste the food though; maybe you could press them on that?

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              Thank you for the review. We will definitely ask for a tasting, but I have been hearing many great things about the food and their service. Did they let you taste during a wedding or did you come in during the week?

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                SRJC has been my wife's family temple for over 30 years and they did our wedding. I have attended about a dozen weddings and B Mitzvahs over the last 20 years at SRJC. Mary is in charge at DeLux/SRJC and she is very nice and tries hard to make the event a success. Having just reached the end of a full year of B'Mitzvahs as my daughter turned 13, I have been to more Long Island temple parties recently then I can count. So what have I learned from all this as a Chowhound? You get what you pay for. No single temple was superior to the others at every price point. It seemed that the big money events served higher quality food and better tasting food regardless of the location. Passed h's of pigs in a blanket are pigs in a blanket everywhere, and are not as enjoyable as lamb chops, which were the same where ever they were served. Set your budget and see who will give you the best stuff for that price. Otherwise just go with who has the best chapel.
                Congrats and Good Luck.