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Oct 21, 2009 07:17 PM

Apizz [moved from Manhattan board]

Went in to see some friends tonight who just came in from Los Angeles. Sat down with a friend and we were told be the waiter the table was for four people and even if we had a drink we could not sit there we would have to move to the bar.

Very rude and would never go there.

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  1. Could you expand on this a bit, please? I was in there last week and had a great experience, both service and food, so I'm wondering what happened.

    Did two of you just sit at a table without anyone seating you there? Where two of you seated at a 4-top under the premise of two others joining you, and when they didn't you were asked to move? Were you seated and just waiting for the other two and summarily booted to the bar?

    1. Why should you be allowed to sit there and not eat? I dont' understand this at all. I recently had a great meal with gracious service there. Your post suggests a back story.

      1. Its a restaurant, why should you be able to sit at a table and not order any food? There are 2 tops at the bar you should have sat at.

        1. The one experience I had there was a good one. The place is small, and from what I gather, usually full. So it makes sense they wouldn't want you occupying a table. I don't want to jump to a conclusion, but I'm with the others on there more to the story?

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          1. re: douglas525

            We walked in four of our friends were sitted and eating... We walked over to them and

            squeesed in to their four top and we were going to order a drink to talk to them for a moment

            We were in from LA and friends from NY were at the restaurant.....then we were booted

            In LA this would never happen there were three empty tables. The manager never even
            said can we put you at a larger table....are you going to eat...just you ordered a table for
            four...we cannot accomodate six.......I am sorry I would never eat there or recommend
            it just on that

            1. re: Loradio

              Are you from Manhattan or LA? There's a contradiction from your original post and this one.

              Went in to see some friends tonight who just came in from Los Angeles.......

              We were in from LA and friends from NY were at the restaurant.....

              1. re: fourunder

                I am from LA but have an apartment in Manhattan.....I came home from the restaurant ...we had eaten at Supper ....I had wine and was so mad about that manager acting like that....not even saying let us see what we can do to make this work...etc....He was an rude person.

                1. re: Loradio

                  If you sat at a four top occupied by four others then you either had to pull up chairs from neighboring tables or you just squeezed into the bench seating against the wall. Either way you are potentially going to be in the way of diners coming into the restaurant.

                  You could probably have prevented this entire incident by speaking to the MOD but unless I am missing something you and your companion just walked into a small restaurant and just joined your friends creating an unpleasant situation for all parties involved. It's possible the waiter or manager didn't things in the best manner but neither did you (if I understand the scenario correctly).

                  1. re: KTinNYC

                    Well we waited I would say a good five minutes and no one came to help us as we walked squeezed in the bench and I pulled up a chair that I asked the people sitting next to them if that was okay...they said for sure....I have worked kitchen and in dining rooms andknow restaurants pretty well...if I was the owner of this restaurant I would fire the manager
                    that was there ...I have eaten at the best in the world and no way would you be treated like this..

                    1. re: Loradio

                      Apizz is so small that moving of chairs is a PITA for the servers. Here is a picture of how tight the space is for those reading along.

                      Sorry you had a bad experience but Apizz is not "the best in the world" it's a very good neighborhood restaurant. I don't know how the best in the would treat 2 guest that seated themselves and moved chairs around but you put them in a very difficult position.

              2. re: Loradio

                Six people squeezed into a four top in a tiny restaurant without asking? And taking chairs from nearby tables?I don't blame them. Just remember, the restaurant has to try and keep everybody happy, not just the entitled people.