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Jan 27, 2005 12:08 PM


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I read on another site about the salad that built the Green Street restaurant in Pasadena. Is it the best Chinese chicken salad ever. What's so special about it?
Is it worth the drive from Encino?

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    rabo encendido

    Extensive and vitriolic thread on this very subject from last month or two


    1. "Is it the best Chinese chicken salad ever?"

      It is a California style Chicken salad. And, the dressing is something you don't find in many places. Maybe that's why people went there years ago and return. The recipe remains consistent and in that part of town, that is often a plus. It is a thick and sweet dressing, mild in spices, but tasty.

      I also like the Chinese Chicken Salad at Ho Sum Bistro in Newport Beach (as do many others and they are building their business quite a lot on it as well), that is a bit similar and includes shredded iceberg and romain lettuce, chunks of chicken, green onions and fried crispies. I crave it sometimes.

      It is no comparison to Wolfgang Puck's Chinois Chicken Salad as the dressing is different and the greens are different. I also crave this variation of Chinese Chicken Salad sometimes.

      After reading previous posts, I might suggest that many older Chinese restaurants use shredded iceberg lettuce in their dishes, but many people (and more so in trendy Westwood LA) see iceberg lettuce and think bad retro, don't eat it. My one friend prefers iceberg lettuce over field greens or baby spinach salads, etc. Some people do. He can afford much more expensive ingredients (which is another requirement in some LA diners' cache of "what's excellent eats") and almost seeks out well done iceberg lettuce salads.

      So, my answer is no, there are a few really good Chinese Chicken salads around. And, Green Street has one of them.

      I like the ambiance, the location, and the shopping when experiencing Green Street fare, too.