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Oct 21, 2009 06:44 PM

Ninh Kieu in Edmonton put on Watch List

While the food at Ninh Kieu seemed to have improved under the latest new management , today's lunch was so bad that we are going to have to think twice before going back. While I still hope it was just an off day, the signs are ominous. I am talking about their one of their "specialties", Bun Bo Hue, it was tasteless , it only had one kind of meat, slices of tough , stringy and gristly beef, red cabbage, etc. My wife's chicken with mung bean noodles was just colored salty water with what tasted like chicken pieces that had been boiled for hours intead of discarded as unedible. It was sad. We have eaten there on and off since its beginnings in 109 Street, but never had a meal this bad, as if the kitchen does not give a...

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  1. i quit going to ninh kieu when i saw the waitress clear a table, take the pot of tea that was on the table and dump it back into their big tea dispenser. that was it for me.

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      Yum! Can't blame you for that one Jim.

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        oooo....that is horrible. They still have my favorite pho sate. I tried a couple of their specialty dishes and did not like them, too saucy. the Vietnamese regulars are the best to me (pho, noodle bowls)

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        that's pretty gross, but last time I was there the waiter just dumped it into the garbage. new set of rules maybe? the guy seemed really friendly too. not vietnamese though and the service was great. i'm thinking they want to revamp their image or something.

      3. So where can one get good (?) vietnamese food besides Oriental Noodle House in Edmonton?

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          Don't worry towkay, I am sure they are working on fixing your search function right now. In the meantime, here is a thread about the best pho in Edmonton:

        2. I had a similar experience but I've been back since and they've changed their cook since, because the food was GREAT. I had the Hu Tieu Nam Vang and it wasn't too salty, just awesome. You should try it again, it would be a shame not to give it another chance.

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            Thank you sugar01, I expect we will give Ninh Kieu another try eventually as we do like their extensive menu.
            Yesterday, however, we were not in a gambling mood so we tried Pho Hoan Pasteur on the strenght of its reviews on this board and we were pleased with the experience.
            The ambiance is clean cafeteria. The menu is limited mostly to soups, vermicelli bowls and rice plates ( e.g. no hot pots, roll your own grilled meats, or salads)
            While the spring rolls were below par, the salad rolls were good, . Their texture was good ( firmly rolled) but I do prefer when the pork is actually roast pork as opposed to a slice of pork cold cut or sausage. We had to ask that they put basil leaves in them, which gives them a more interesting flavour.
            I ordered my favourite soup , Bun Bo Hue, and it was a nicely balanced broth(although not as flavourful as King Noodle's), but found the noodles slightly overcooked . I also like to add the small green peppers(unseeded) to my soup but they only had red peppers which are hot but have less flavour and aroma.
            We shared a five colour vermicelly bowl , which came full of thinly sliced fresh vegetables and tasty grilled meats. All the ingredients in our meal were of a higher quality than found in most other Vietnamese restaurants, in particular the basil which was unblemished, fresh and fragrant .
            Service was efficient and quick .