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Oct 21, 2009 05:08 PM

Suburban spots- butcher shops and fish markets?

Where are the best places in suburban Philly for picking up good quality and fresh meats and fish? Delco, Montco, Chester co, wherever????

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  1. For great meat and personal service in Chester County -- the Country Butcher in Kennett Square.

    1. The seafood at Assi plaza in North Wales/Lansdale has been praised by fellow chowhounds. I'm still sulking about the yaki bon hut.

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        Hey Carbs, last time I went to Assi, the yaki bon hut was not there.

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          I know. /cry. If it weren't for dem Phillies I'd be really sad. Go Phillies!

      2. While not a butcher per se, Costco has great meats at great prices. We buy most of our meats there. Some of the local farmers markets also have vendors that sell meat - we especially like the buffalo/bison from Phoenixville. For high quality seafood we always buy from Hills Quality Seafood Markets (4 area locations - we use the Exton location). The prices are certainly higher than the grocery store (including Assi) but the variety and quality is excellent! Happy shopping.

        1. Venezia's in Plymouth is a great little butcher shop that's been around for years.

          I also like the fish counter at the Flourtown Farmer's Market.

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            Watch the quality of the meat at Venezia ----I've been given the "wrong" ground beef there (paid for the higher quality beef and recd the lower - loaded with fat)and when he showed me the filet mignon steaks- I wished I would have checked the sides- loaded with fat, not trimmed as they should have been. He carefully arranged and shielded the fat from my view- it has happened too many times there for me to ever return.

            For fish-I get all my seafood at the Ardmore farmers market- It may be a little expensive but it is always very fresh!!! Sushi grade.

          2. Main Line Prime is a great butcher shop....VERY pricey, but probably the best steak I've ever had.

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              Main Line Prime closed last May.

              What a loss!

              I now get my meat from They're at my local (real) farmer's market in Havertown, weekly over the summer. And they do deliveries over the winter once a month at the school near there. it's not prime meat but it is from pastured cows and is very good.