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Oct 21, 2009 05:00 PM

still undecided on my last (friday) lunch!

hello all, i am still debating where i should eat my last lunch next friday in your fine city. i was planning on commander's palace, but after reading steakrules85's review, i'm almost thinkin an emeril restaurant (that $19.50 lunch special sure sounds wallet friendly, and good to boot, although i can't get the dessert i want!), or maybe just a poboy somewhere totally under the radar. if i indulge in a 3 martini lunch though, i may miss my plane! i have not been to CP yet, and would like to check it out, although the lunch menu doesn't excite me too much i must say. i will be in NOLA though to celebrate my bday next tuesday, and am wondering now if i should just go all out and do lunch and dinner (probably clancy's), but i am not a big eater, and would rather save valuable stomach space for something unbelievable. for lunch the other days, i plan on hitting spots like parkway, liuzzas btt, etc. then maybe something light later cuz i am on a student budget. i leave saturday though and am still pretty conflicted! thank you so much ~ p.s. i hope i don't sound like a broken record!

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  1. Clancy's and Patois do Friday lunch. or do the 3 course at August for $20.09.
    if weather permits, lunch in the courtyard at Martinique is nice.

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    1. As many of us here have posted, Commander's is far better for lunch than dinner. Even ordering al carte at Emeril's, their lunch is still a value, as is August.

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          yeah ya know i think i'm gonna do CP for my bday lunch, and do august on friday before i leave. i'm really hankering for an amazing banana cream pie, and emeril's is the only place ive found that has it on their menu! any suggestions?

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              go to emeril's for just the pie and a drink after wherever you go for dinner. nothing wrong w/grazing.

        2. yeah so commander's it was for my last lunch, and how glad i am that it was there! of course i'm going to repeat things you all already know, but i didn't know how much of an experience a meal there really is. first, the ride on the streetcar thru the garden district gets you excited enough, and i love that the cemetery is right across the street cuz i hadn't gone in any up until i got to commander's. anyway, the house is amazing, and i love how all the employees greet you and make you feel so at home, then going up the big ole staircase and thru the other dining rooms. i managed to get a table in the garden room (thanks for the rec ya'll!), and it was the spot to be, aesthetically and socially. i was by myself too, but didn't feel like i stood out at all. the only thing that sucked was i wish i had someone to share my food w/! i went w/ the 2 course meal, and started w/ the turtle soup. i told the waiter i thought eating turtle was a big no-no, but he told me they're more nuisances than anything, so i changed my mind, and glad i did. i had never had turtle soup, and had no idea what to expect but it was delicious. the veal stock they use in it, which seems to be the main component, was so flavorful, and i like the tomato and all the spices they put in there. it was pretty heavy, and i only ate half of it cuz i knew i had to pace myself (i told the waiter i definitely wanted the bread pudding souffle for dessert :)) for my main, i got the black pepper seared fish, which turned out to be sheepshead, w/ housemade bacon, butternut squash, roasted garlic and some soybeans in a chile oil. OMG...the fish was perfectly cooked, and the bacon gave it such a rich, smoky flavor while the squash added just the right amount of sweetness while adding a bit of healthiness. i love roasted garlic too, and it was nice to mix a bit of everything in your mouth. of course i had 2 of the quarter martinis as well, but i found next time i go there, i have to devote more time to each meal cuz i was too full by the time my dessert came, i probably shouldn't have eaten it there, let alone all of it. i never had a bread pudding like theirs though, and it would have been sacrilege to leave any of it in the bowl. the whiskey cream sauce they put on it was really yummy and mellow, and i'm usually not a fan of liquor sauces, but it just heightened the lovely edible artpiece. i never thought there'd be meringue on it, but it was a pleasant surprise. even the raisins which i usually can't stand in my bread pudding didn't bother me. they were almost too soft anyway to even notice. i should have brought some home for my grandmother to try, but i gobbled it all up cuz it was just that amazing. but i had such a lovely time there, and will return to try other stuff on their menu. i love the dichotomy of dining in this town, how you go from hole-in-the-wall po boy joints to high end places like commander's, where i'm so glad they don't allow people wearing shorts in! the day i went it was about 85 out, and of course i would love to have been wearing a tank top and shorts, but i wasn't, so just suck it up folks and bust out some of your nicer's definitely worth it! thanks again to all you lovelies who helped me along the way, cuz i was gonna go to august, but ended up going there the day before instead. while i liked august, i wasn't blown away by the food like i thought i was going to be. i dont know if it was what i ordered, but i definitely enjoyed the food more @ commander's. totally opposite ends of the spectrum i know, but i'm just giving my humble opinion. anyway, till next time...

          Commander's Palace Restaurant
          1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

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            Great write-up. Glad you had such a good experience. It really is a one-of-a-kind place...