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Oct 21, 2009 05:00 PM

ISO recommendations for Bedford

DH and I will be in Bedford next month for a football weekend (at least we're not going to be stuck driving from there to State College...). We are going to need to eat several times, at least one dinner and two breakfast/brunches. Any ideas? We're staying at the Omni Bedford Springs just off the Turnpike, and they do have restaurants but we like to get out and explore.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Let me get this started for you. I wasn't going to reply as it has been several years since we had dinner or breakfast in Bedford. Jean Bonnet Tavern is probably regarded as the best place to eat. We had a nice buffet dinner at the Arena located, of all places, at the Quality Inn. One time for breakfast, we stopped at Denny's. My wife ordered the eggs and kielbasa. When it came, the kielbasa looked and tasted like a hot dog. The hostess finally confessed that they had run out kielbasa and substituted hot dogs without telling people. Terrible breakfast but a fun story to tell. This month, while driving across the state, we got off the turnpike in Breezewood to go to a shop in Everett my wife likes. We saw a winery's store in Bedford, Briar Valley, and stopped to buy wine. The person on duty, she may have been the co-owner (with her husband), kept pushing tasting the wines for $2.00. I didn't want alcohol on my breath at noon so I passed as we had decided upon what wine we wanted to buy. She relentlessly badgered my wife into taking a sip. We bought two bottles. Reconstructing the credit card receipt that night, I found she had charged us $2.00 for that one sip. Another interesting story to tell about Bedford. Have fun.