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Oct 21, 2009 04:37 PM


I went to the rosebowl to see ucla was very hot last saturday.i found a stand selling sno the heat it was a touchdown.Where can you find sno cones?

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  1. There's always the truck and twitter to find out where they are

    I liked it but am no shaved ice expert. A co-worker who goes to Hawaii every year and eats lots of shaved ice said it was pretty good.

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      thanks for the i can follow the truck..the last shaves ice was in hawaii.

    2. Shaka's in Monterey Park and Alhambra...huge shave ice.

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        eagle rock farmer's market on friday night - there's a booth there every week.

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          Hi Debershell, Eagle Rock on Friday nights is the Get Shaved Ice truck already mentioned above, but they won't be there on Fridays for awhile, because of the Pumpkin Festival in Woodland Hills on Victory & DeSoto. You should check them out HungryBob. I'm a big fan of their shaved ice. Don't see them at the pumpkin festival in Woodland Hills though unless you've got little kids to bring along. There's a $4 entrance fee for the festival. Check out their website for where else they'll be the rest of the week. Oh, BTW, get a scoop of vanilla ice cream with your shaved ice. Yummy beyond belief!

      2. There's a place in South OC called Sno on the Go, and it is THE BEST snowcone/shaved ice I've had. Light and fluffy with so many yummy and unique flavors... (My favorite is "wedding cake.") You can also order a stuffed snowcone filled with vanilla soft serve for a whole new taste sensation. Best part? The have a drive-thru!!!

        1. they used to have them at diddy riese. haven't been in a while, so am not sure if they still do.

          1. It is "shave" ice; no "d" required

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              Actually, I believe it is only "shave" ice when referring to the Hawai'in version.

              All other versions, incl. the ubiquitous "Sno-Cones", are referred to as "shaved" ice.