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Uses for a hacked up salmon filet

My husband, the recipient of a beautiful 20 lb coho last evening, hacked up 1/2 of one of the filets on his first 'attempt'. I think Salmon Burgers are the best thing to do with it and I could use some suggestions for recipes. We make a lot of salmon, all on the grill with intact filets. Ideas????

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  1. Spicy salmon empanadas - you can use flour tortillas for the 'pastry' . Flake the salmon as you sautee it with red pepper flakes and minced onion. Cut 4" circles in the tortillas with a can or glass, top with salmon filling, fold, crimp, brush with egg white, bake about 12 minutes.

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      Salmon hash topped with poached eggs for breakfast. Add some smoked paprika. I assume his gift was wild-caught, and if so, make sure you cook the fish completely.

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        Excellent suggestion. A salmon omelette also works. And if you want to spend the time you can make a salmon mousse. (or mousseline) .
        Salmon soup is good. This allows you to make use of the skeleton, head, belly and skin to make the stock. (Unless like me you prefer to eat the skin)

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          Raw fresh salmon should be approached with the same cautions about parasites as any fresh water fish. There are no indications that the OP's coho has been frozed to sushi safety standards. As much as I enjoy ceviche, I don't use fresh freshwater fish. Am I being too cautious?

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            Once frozen for four days all parasites become exosites.

        1. Combine the salmon cooked lightly, a good bit of cured salmon, and salmon caviar with a little softened butter and smoosh together for great hors d'oeurve

          1. Do what sushi bars do, make a spicy salmon roll.

            1. Grill or poach the salmon to get it cooked then use chunks of any (irregular OK) shape and size in a salmon kedgeree. Melt butter and in it saute onions, golden raisins, and curry powder. Mix this with hot cooked rice and then toss in the cooked salmon and slices of hard-boiled egg . Serve with condiments appropriate to curry (toasted coconut, wedges of lemon, chutney etc), hot buttered toast, and hot tea for brunch or lunch.

              1. Cook it and flake it. Toss it with some linguini, a light alfredo sauce, peas and mushrooms.

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                  I second this suggestion. Salmon pasta is one of my go-to dishes. Celery, garlic, white wine-and-cream sauce, with salmon on top of pasta.

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                    I'm glad I read this thread to the end so I didn't duplicate what cyclonelli said. It's not teeny or pure, but it's damn good eats. I did it myself. Captivated a would-be boyfriend- two actually, I married the second one, who spent a summer on his brother's Kodiak-based fishing boat. They didn't have the alfredo option.

                2. Salmon Tar tar
                  Spicy salmon roll
                  Salmon rillette
                  Salmon hash
                  Fish pie

                  1. I think I speak for all of us. Let us know what you do with your fish.

                    1. Thanks to everyone for their posts. I think the pasta is going to win on this one. I love salmon at the sushi bar, but I know that it's lightly frozen to keep 'bugs' at bay. Our first night's dinner with the intact filet was from a Tyler Florence recipe my husband found that used a boat-load of butter. I wasn't optimistic about the prep, but the results were excellent (could you really go wrong with salmon a half a day out of the ocean? I think not). I like the idea of Salmon Hash too, but maybe Salmon Eggs Benedict might be the way to go. I'll post back when the dish is done.

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                        Well, it took me longer that expected to get back but, the salmon burger won out and it was beautiful. Did a light chop on the raw salmon and added some shallot, fresh parsley & dill, dijon, a couple drops of worchestershire & tabasco. Grilled & served on ciabatta rolls with lettuce & the last of the tomatoes from my garden, topped with homemade tartar sauce. Family said it was one of the best burgers they ever had (granted, they're highly biased).

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                          That sounds absolutely delicious. I need to go fishing!

                      2. I often buy salmon trim because it is less expensive.

                        Usually cut the trim into bit size pieces, and simply fry them in a bit of oil and season with salt and pepper. The fattier belly trim doesn't need much else. It like to eat this 'fish taco style' (tortillas, mayo, salsa, cabbage, etc), but I've also made a pasta topping. Chowder or other fish soup is another option using small pieces of salmon.