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Oct 21, 2009 04:08 PM

Farm-to-table restaurants in Ames and Des Moines?

I'm road tripping across the Midwest to research a book about farmers markets. Naturally, I'd like to eat at restaurants that buy from area farms. Next up are Ames and Des Moines. Any recos?

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  1. Andrew Meek, the chef at Sbrocco, is big on local ingredients. He also used to own Sage, a five star restaraunt that he closed so he could concentrate only on cooking.
    Here's a link

    1. The Cafe in Ames uses a lot of local foods, has a frequently changing menu and excellent quality. Centro in Des Moines has weekly/monthy farmer's market specials. The Des Moines farmer's market had several events over the summer with a number of different chefs. Contacting their management might get you more contacts.

      1. You should swing down to Iowa City and check out the Motley Cow Cafe. The majority of the food is local and organic, and it's all really, really good!

        1. There are only two decent restaurants in Ames-- The Cafe, as mentioned above, and Aunt Maude's. Both are owned by the same people, both have menus that change pretty regularly and try to incorporate locally sourced stuff. Maude's is the fancier of the two, although you wouldn't feel out of place in fleece. I like the Cafe better, actually.

          A lot of places in Ames seem to be closed on Sunday nights, but the Cafe is open at least, but I think Maude's is closed.

          Aunt Maude's
          547 Main St, Ames, IA 50010

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            My parents loved The Cafe. It was the first place they'd take any friends or relatives from out of town.

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              Forgot to mention: get dessert at the Cafe. They have great pastries, tarts, and sweets. Actually, get dessert at the restaurant, and then get something to take-away as well.

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                I would have to recommend Suburban Restaurant in Gilbert on Highway 69 just north of Ames. Its great if you want comfort food.

                Goldies in Prairie City is run by a twenty-something who serves burgers from his family farm in Jasper County. Most of the stuff on the menu probably comes from other sources.

                Avoid the Machine Shed at all cost. Total puke city.

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