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Oct 21, 2009 04:03 PM

Near Journal Square/Landmark Theater in Jersey City?

Going to a movie at the Landmark Theater in Jersey City. Would much appreciate any recs for anything near by (on foot) and reasonably quick (movie starts at 8). I learned from Google that are Quizno's and the like nearby but hoping for something yummier if not necessarily a chowhound masterpiece. That would be a lot to ask for, I know. Thank you!

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  1. Elaine,
    The best in the area is Casa Dante three blocks north of the theater on Newark Ave. Don't know how quick they would be though.

    Also on Newark Ave is a large Indian neighborhood with numerious restaurants. Can't recommend any, but you can search the Mid-Atlantic board and see if any show up.That is probably where this post should be

    If you like hotdogs (now that would be quick), Boulevard Drinks is right next to the theater and has great grilled Sabretts and spicy onion chili. They have been there about 60 years. That would be a great after the movie snack.

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      Thanks Bobby. I'll look around for some Indian recs. Casa Dante looks like it could be good, but maybe not with getting out in time for the movie! I'm pretty sure this is the right board for Jersey City -- the title is "Tips for Dining, Eating, and Food Shopping in Northern NJ....." but I agree that CH can be confusing that way!

    2. The VV's Sietsema reviewed Udupi Shri Krishna Palace on Newark Avenue restaurant last year.
      Udupi Shri Krishna Palace
      789 Newark Avenue,
      Jersey City, New Jersey,

      And here are some links to some discussion on a Jersey City forum regarding local Indian restaurants. I have had good meals at Dosa Hut and Rasoi.

      I like the Vietnamese Restaurant Pho Bihn, about 6 blocks south of Journal Square. Oh just noticed you are on foot. That probably won't work for you.

      How about Filipino?

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      1. re: nixienox

        Thanks Nixie. We went to Udupi Shri Krishna Palace, and had a yummy and enormous meal for $18/pp. The people there could not have been sweeter as well. And seeing a movie at the Loew's Landmark is an experience not to be missed.