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Oct 21, 2009 03:34 PM

Driving to Palm Springs-Mexican and Chinese

We are going to Palm Springs for a few days and will be going from the West Hollywood area pretty much across the I-10. We hardly ever get East and thought we would have lunch on the way there and then again on the way back. I keep hearing there is great Chinese and Mexican that we are missing out on. J. Gold seems to list a bunch of noddle places like Din Tai and 101, Kingburg Kitchen, Mei Long Village, JTYH Restaurant that all seem interesting but not sure yet how big a detour they are. I am having more trouble with Mexican, so would love more suggestions there especially.

We are also open to other cuisines-we just want to kind of make a foodie ramble out of the trip-so things don't have to be right off the freeway-just kind of the "general right direction".

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  1. I drive to/from P.S. all the time, sometimes stopping. There's a couple of threads mentioning stops in Claremont/ San Gabriel (chinese) etc. Dai Tin is popular on this thread for the dumplings. I think there just ok. The noo-noo's however (my niece's word for noodles) are fab. Phoenix Food Boutique next door is a must stop! Babita is a must stop as well but, they might be just a dinner place. Here's my thread:

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      I believe that Babita is open at 11:30 for lunch.

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        Thanks all! I have tried Babita's and we may stop there again. Any other must try Mexican en route?

    2. If you do take the 10, and Babita is open, you won't do better than that for Mexican food on this route. Stop later at Handel's, a block north of the 10 in Upland, for excellent ice cream (but no restrooms).

      Another possibility is to use the 60 -- sometimes less crowded than the 10, as long as you don't hit Riverside at evening rush hour and don't mind the narrow and twisty 4.2 miles through the Badlands east of Moreno Valley. In this case, you can stop at any of numerous Chinese restaurants along the way in Rowland Heights and environs; for example, the Noodle House just off the 60, reviewed recently by exilekiss (see ). When you get to Beaumont, go for a tasty and unusually skinny apple fritter at Manna Donuts. (Again, no restrooms that I'm aware of, but Starbucks -- a couple miles east, near the 22nd St. exit -- is available for a pit stop.)

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        You're like me...always thinking of where to make a restroom pit stop.
        Agree, Noodle House within a block of the Fullerton Rd. exit off the 60 freeway.

      2. I definitely recommend JTYH, it's right off the 10 in Rosemead. 101 Noodle and Mei Long Village are also good choices on Valley, so also near the 10. Din Tai Fung is several miles farther, closer to the 210.

        1. How about a hearty, homestyle breakfast? Check out the Homestyle Cafe, used to be in Guasti, now in Chino. I can taste their sausage gravy n biscuits now!

          Guasti Cafe
          13526 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710